Make A Year In Review Photo Book for the Whole Family

Have you ever received a Christmas letter? In some families, it’s a tradition to send one to update loved ones of the year’s events. For example, did someone get married? Is there a new family member or did someone celebrate their retirement? Or maybe you simply have too many memorable photos from the last year you’d like to share.

All of these amazing life moments are worth sharing. Consider a year-in-review photo book as a keepsake, a gift to grandparents, or for long-distance friends. There are many topics you could share. Check out these photo book tips below.

Tips to Create a Year In Review Photo Book

Creating the perfect year in review photo book is really easy. The most important part is the visuals, so it’s best to have a variety to keep the book colorful and fun. If you’re wondering how to make a photo book, keep these notes in mind when creating one:

  • Gather many pictures to choose from. The more you have, the easier it is to create your layouts.
  • Include fun and clever quotes or captions.
  • Try to dedicate a full spread for each topic or theme for an airy feel and chance to add personal details.
  • Use social media to remember dates and events.
  • Don’t overdo it with the graphics.

If you’re still unsure what to include in your book, don’t worry. We’ve gathered some photo book ideas to inspire your next creation.

1. Marriage Bliss

A wedding photo book on top of a table. Weddings are always a reason to celebrate. If you or someone in your family got married or reached a milestone anniversary, put those memorable photos in a book. Those who couldn’t attend would love to be part of your joy and send you well wishes.

2. New Home

A small photo album surrounded by succulents and a photo coffee mug.Did you move to a new house this year? A new space is always fun, especially if you’re exploring a new city or town. Invite your loved ones into your home with a series of interior photos and pictures of the surrounding areas and shops. It may prompt an impromptu weekend visit.

3. Bundle of Joy

A baby photo book on a table.Families grow by the minute. If you’ve recently brought a new baby into the world or even a new puppy, share the love with others. Include photos of their first day in your home, playtime and feeding time. The adorable, cuddly photos will make everyone smile.

4. Families Helping Families

Someone flipping through a volunteering photo book.Did your family recently take part in a charity event, donation drive or volunteer at a shelter? Whether you’re part of a volunteer organization or just like to commit random acts of kindness, sharing these moments with others may inspire them to do the same.

5. Celebration of Life

Photos laying next to a photo book. Another year of life, what better way to celebrate special birthdays than putting those memories in a photo book? Include trips you took, celebrations and even some of your favorite inspirational quotes that reflect your year.

6. Proud Accomplishments

A graduation book on a table.Sometimes a little “bragging” is okay, especially when you’re a proud parent or family member. A graduation, award, promotion or even overcoming a difficult challenge are all positive things you can share with others and we guarantee they’ll be proud too.

Additional Year In Review Photo Book Ideas

If you still need more ideas, choose from some of these instead:

    • How they’ve grown: Gather images of your kids, nieces, and nephews to show everyone how big they’ve gotten.
    • Remembering loved ones: While it’s a difficult moment, it’s also a beautiful thing to remind everyone of the wonderful moments spent with your loved one.
    • Include Your Christmas Card: Leave space in your photo book to include your annual family Christmas card.
    • Trip of a lifetime: Did you recently take a trip of your dreams? Or visit a meaningful place? Share the highlights with friends and family.
    • A year in recipes: Get creative! Sometimes the best recipes turn into family favorites. Compile all the recipes you’ve made throughout the year and make a fun cookbook.
    • Favorite photos of the year: If you’re a photographer or simply enjoy taking photos, go through and pick your favorites for a portfolio or a coffee table book.

No matter what photo book idea you choose, have fun creating it. The time and effort you put into it will be all worth it in the end and you’ll have a keepsake you can have in your home for generations to come.