Creating Personalized Canvas Prints Online

When it comes to decorating your home with custom canvas prints, you can create the best wall art for you online in a few simple steps. Turn your photographs into beautiful works of art with canvas prints that capture both your favorite memories and sense of style. The photo shoot you planned for Christmas, the family vacation you took a few years back, or the best pictures from childhood can effortlessly fill your home when they’re displayed as personalized canvas prints. Make custom wall art with our list of helpful tips like how to upload photos to Shutterfly, how to decide between small and large custom canvas prints, and how to order prints directly to your home. Get started creating personalized canvas prints online now.

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Small Vs. Large Personalized Canvas Prints

Knowing which canvas size is right for your space can be a challenge. Should you order small or large personalized canvas prints? Should you make a single print or multiple prints for a gallery wall? Styling your home decor should always take into consideration the size of the space you’re decorating, as well as the look or theme you want to achieve.

A general rule of thumb is to keep the size of artwork—in this case personalized canvas photo prints—in proportion with the size of the space. For small spaces, that means going simple with the prints. A single large custom print or a series of small personalized canvas prints will do for a small space. A single or multiple large personalized canvas prints will work well for larger spaces.

Canvas prints in a variety of sizes hanging on a yellow wall

Match Personalized Canvas Prints to Your Style

One of the best parts about creating canvas prints personalized with photos, text, and custom designs is that your wall art will match your style perfectly. Choose framed canvas prints if you want wall art in wood frames to coordinate with your rustic home decor. On the other end of the decorating spectrum, custom canvas prints can also have minimalist frames or no frames for a modern home decor design. Hanging canvas prints offer metallic and wooden frame options, making them a great, versatile option for your space.

No matter which style you want for your home, you can customize wall art further with our design tool by adding text, such as a name, date, or meaningful quote, to set the mood of the room. Picture baby’s nursery with high-quality canvas prints showing off newborn photos, his or her name, and birth date stamped in the corner like a sweet memory. Or the impossible-to-decorate stretch of a hallway in your home? Fill the empty space with personalized photo canvas prints, and you’re filling your home with love. Custom canvas prints are great home decor solutions for any space, from kitchen decor to nursery themes to living room wall art. Gather favorite photos from family vacations, your wedding day, and pictures from childhood—and get ready to create personalized wall art made on canvas material.

Framed Canvas Prints

framed canvas prints hanging on a wall next to a christmas treeFramed canvas prints can add an extra special touch to any wall they’re hanging on. With frame colors ranging in white, black, brown, metallic, and rustic colors; there is a frame for every home decor look. Adding a picture frame to a canvas print will elevate the print’s design and will give your wall a unique and customized look. If you’re looking for a more modern wall art look, adding a white or a black frame will make your wall art look more aesthetic and put together. For a rustic farmhouse look, customizing your canvas print with a brown and rustic color wood to match the barn house feel. Using a metallic color will give your framed canvas print a more festive out of the box look that will give an extra pop to your walls.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Hanging canvas print with pictures of a family in two different hanging pictures with dark brown rodsPersonalized hanging canvas prints add a personal and stylish aspect to your wall art and home decor. Printed on poly cotton canvas, these easy-to-hang premium canvas prints add a simple yet personalized touch to any wall decor. With four different size options and a variety of layouts and designs, there will be an endless amount of combinations and designs to choose from. You can also choose different wooden rod color options from black, natural, walnut, and rustic. These unique hanging canvas prints will give your canvas designs a high-quality look and feel.

canvas prints hanging on a wall

How to Make Personalized Canvas Prints

Making your own canvas prints online is easy to do and can be accomplished in just a few steps. Follow this guide for how to upload photos to Shutterfly and add them to your creations. If you have a particular style of custom canvas art prints in mind that you want to make—such as framed canvas prints, hanging canvas prints, and other styles—you can start with the wall art of your choice and add photos, text, and designs from there.

  1. Select the type of custom canvas prints you wish to make. Things to consider include: the style, framed or not framed, how you will hang your canvas prints, and more. Choose from our custom sizes so your print fits perfectly on your wall. Take time to picture the print in your home with your decor and make any measurements necessary.
  2. Choose the overall design of your personalized canvas prints. You can choose from a single photo to feature on your print or a photo collage. Further, consider how you want the individual or multiple photos displayed on your personalized canvas prints. You can stick with a simple pattern or choose from other templates that play on a theme, such as hearts for Mother’s Day. Or, you can choose from our Artist Designs with no-photo patterns. We even offer a selection of options from our Art Library. Again, it’s important to take the time now to visualize what you want hanging in your home and how the finished product will look.
  3. Select “personalize” to add your photos. Now the fun begins. From the product page of the canvas prints you want in your home, select “personalize” to choose the size, material, and frame color. Click the upload button on your creation to add photos. Upload photos directly from your computer or choose to access photos from your smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites.
  4. Arrange and style your photos. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you can move them into the order, size, and arrangement that suits your tastes. If you’re sticking with a theme, arrange photos in a way that makes sense to you, like chronologically by months or years.
  5. Add custom text. Get creative with your personalized canvas prints by making them your own with custom text that speaks to you. Think of the message you want to convey not only with these prints, but with your decor overall. Your custom text should complement the theme and message you want to inspire with your home decor. Get inspired with our list of quotes and sayings for wall art.
  6. Play with print sizes and materials before checking out. Consider your size options to make the right custom photo canvas for your space. Once your design is mostly settled, try testing out new combinations of materials and sizes for your personalized canvas prints once more. As your designs evolved, it’s possible your choice in frames, sizes, and materials has changed as well. Test and tweak your designs until you’ve finalized a product you love.
  7. Add to cart and check out. Your custom canvas prints will arrive at your door ready to hang in just a short time.

Couple measuring to hang a canvas print.

Putting It All Together

Creating personalized canvas prints online is a fun way to refresh your home with wall art customized to your style—from modern to rustic home decor. And the best part? Custom canvas prints are so much more than simple pieces of art; they’re living memories and personalized keepsakes you can hang in your home. Relive your favorite places in time each day as you gaze at the canvas prints in your home. Whether you’re creating a canvas print to a loved one as a photo gift for a special occasion or designing something unique for yourself, you can create the perfect piece of wall art with Shutterfly. Let your best moments shine by making custom canvas prints online.

Closing Thoughts on Personalized Canvas Prints

As you think about the different canvas prints that will make your home art decor pop, utilize all the different unique details that make your wall art pieces one-of-a-kind. With a variety of styles and layouts, you’ll never have to limit your home decor pieces with the endless amounts of canvas print options Shutterfly has available. Whether you want to design one canvas print or a whole gallery wall, Shutterfly has you covered.

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