Bridal Shower Gifts

Make personalized bridal shower gifts in preparation for their happily ever after.

Make personalized bridal shower gifts like wooden cutting boards and pictures of the happy couple.

Complete with clever games, amazing bridal shower gifts, fun favors and delicious food, a bridal shower is the perfect way for family, friends and the bridal party to show their love and support to the beautiful couple. Luckily, there are so many themes to choose from (and great decor to match!) to really make it the best bridal shower the lovebirds could ever hope for. From personalized bridal shower invitations that totally match their style to personalized gifts that are sure to warm their hearts, we’ve got everything we need to make a bridal shower special.

The Most Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

The couple’s registry is, of course, the source of truth when it comes to bridal shower gift ideas. However, the best bridal shower gifts are ones you can customize, whether that be with monogrammed details or photos of favorite moments together. Make a personalized bridal shower gift they will treasure for years to come.

Make personalized bridal shower gifts like framed prints and desktop plaques.

Bridal Shower Gifts: Jewelry & Accessories

Give the bride a special gift for her special day. Custom jewelry — including charm bracelets, engraved jewelry or delicate bracelets and necklaces — is a beautiful way to commemorate her love story. You can also make a keepsake box for her, personalized with a photo or a collage of photos she loves most. A keepsake box is perfect for storing her bridal accessories and bridal jewelry all in one place before the wedding and after. Whatever you decide to create, she is sure to love the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Keepsake bridal shower gifts like custom engraved jewelry are heartfelt gifts ideas.

Bridal Shower Cards

Every meaningful bridal shower gift needs a sweet bridal shower card to match. Personalize your bridal shower card with special photos, quotes, sentiments and more. If you’re wondering what to write in a bridal shower card, there’s a few different messages you can include — well wishes to the bride and groom, kind hopes for their future together and a few words of what their friendship has meant to you over the years.

Send bridal shower invites or make custom bridal shower cards for her.

Bridal Shower Gifts For The Home

A new stage of life always calls for new home decor! Give a bridal shower gift for the living room such as a small canvas print, easel back canvas or photo tiles. If you’d rather give their kitchen a personalized touch, choose to gift a cutting board (perfect for charcuterie!), a set of matching wine glasses, or even a stainless-steel water bottle. And — to make your gift really unique — instead of using a disposable gift bag to hold the bridal shower gifts, make a personalized cotton tote bag to hold them instead.

Make bridal shower home decor gifts the bride and groom will love.

Bridal Shower Gifts For Couples

Although bridal showers are traditionally for the bride, that doesn’t mean the bridal shower gifts can’t be enjoyed by both parties. Create a meaningful keepsake to commemorate their love together; a practical gift, such as luggage tags, to make their honeymoon travels easier; or personalized drinkware to toast to their happily ever after. If you would rather keep your bridal shower gift for just the bride- or groom-to-be, you can always gift something personalized for the couple’s wedding gift instead.

Bridal shower gifts for couples will surprise and delight the couple.

Bridal Shower Invitations & Cards

If you’re part of the group that is hosting the bridal shower, you have the fun job of finding the perfect bridal shower invitations to match the theme, vibe and aesthetic of the party! For a brunch theme, choose a bridal shower invite that features a glass of bubbly or a “brunch with the bride” sentiment. For an outdoor celebration, pick one that matches the season. You can also find bridal shower invites that speak to both parties, if the couple decides they want to host something together.

Bridal shower invites and cards to welcome bride and guests to the party.

Bridal Shower Favors For Guests

If you’re in charge of the bridal shower games, your responsibilities are not only to find fun word scrambles, trivia games and scavenger hunt ideas. You also need to find the perfect prizes and bridal shower favors to go along with them! Bridal shower gifts for guests could include themed wine glasses, a cute set of coasters, drinkware, small art prints and more. Both the guest of honor and their family and friends will love the personalized touches.

Bridal shower invites and cards to welcome bride and guests to the party.