68 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

There are so many ways to say thanks to your wedding guests, but one of the most popular ways is by gifting a wedding favor. What used to be a small treat or token is now a moment for couples to add a touch of their personality too. To help you decide, we came up with 50 wedding favor ideas that are sure to impress your guests.

1. A Hint Of Mint 

Freshen the spirits and breath of your wedding attendees. Arrange mint candies and gum in a bowl for easy grabbing.

2. Personalized Cocktail Glasses

Design personalized wedding favors like glasses for the reception and as take-home gifts at the end of the night. You can pick glasses that match your wedding theme and include custom wedding stickers.

3. Raise the Bar

Supply a candy bar and gift bags for guests to take their favorite sweet treats. Offer a range of hard candy, chocolates, lollipops and more for a unique wedding favor idea.

4. Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Revive the lost art of polaroids and give your guests a keepsake to remember forever. Encourage them to take multiple photos, so they can keep their favorites and leave a few for you in your wedding guest book.

5. Custom Shot Glasses

Find or design unique shot glasses that enhance your wedding theme. This couple created colorful glasses based on their Mexican wedding.

6. S’more Love

Package a small campfire treat. Use chocolate, marshmallow and mini graham crackers. Your guests will smile when they see this at a fall, rustic or winter wedding.

7. From Him and Her

Decorate cookies that represent your biggest passions (like shoes and chocolate!) and gift these fun and delicious treats wrapped for post-party cravings.

8. Desert Vibes

small succulent on a plate.

Source: Desi Baytan

Consider this creative wedding party favor idea if you’re having an outdoor or desert-themed wedding. Share cactuses in tiny pots with all of your wedding guests.

9. Picture Perfect

Print favorite photographs of guests and hang them with clothespins as decoration for the ultimate personalized wedding favor. Guests can take their photograph home at the end of the night!

10. Eco-Friendly Fun

Give away the plants and decor from your celebration as eco-friendly wedding favors. You’ll feel good about not throwing decor away and you’ll help dress up someone’s home. 

11. Floral Napkins

Create DIY cloth napkins by sewing the edges of beautiful fabrics. This is a great touch for a rustic wedding.

12. Pharmacy Bottles

small pharmacy bottles filled with tiny succulents.

Source: Paige Jones

This couple hit two birds with one stone by using their wedding favors as place cards. They decorated pharmaceutical containers to create tiny pots for succulents.

13. Hangover Kit

If you’re planning on a wild night, gift your guests with hangover kits. This will cue them into having a good time and soaking in the fun!

14. Animal Kingdom

Find fun animals that act as place card holders and wedding favors. Your guests will love having a new decoration for their home!

15. Jelly Beans Rainbow

Give a rainbow of tasty, colorful jelly beans. Attach a gift tag with flavor descriptions so guests can enjoy sampling them all.

16. Get Musical 

Customize tambourines, maracas or bells to liven up your celebration. Some couples instruct guests to play the instrument at a certain time during their ceremony.

17. Backyard Games

Gift favors that stick with your theme! For example, make horseshoe favors the perfect barn tie- in. If you’re hosting a reception with yard wedding games, your guests will be able to put it to use right away.

18. Tasty Treats

Bake or buy treats for guests to take home. Macaroons, cookies and candies are always big hits for your guests with sweet tooths!

19. Peachy Fun 

colorful peaches on a table with wedding name cards.

Source: Peachy Fun

If your favorite fruits are in season, give your guests a healthy snack instead of sugary treats. This couple got even more creative and used the peaches as table marker stands.

20. Go Geo

Get geometrical by making DIY shaped boxes. Fill the boxes with a delicious treat or another surprise!

21. Name Play

Draw up fun signs for your guests by making a play on their name. Get artsy by adding an image to the board.

22. Champagne Poppin’

Add sizzle to your celebration! Purchase mini bottles of champagne and tie them with ribbon, lace or a cute gift tag.

23. Green Thumb Happiness

Gift your guests with a favorite plant, herb or succulent. This favor goes flawlessly in a windowsill or on a patio.

24. Wrap It Up

A beautifully wrapped present shows you invested time, love and attention. Handwrite a note to your guests for an extra touch.

25. Cookie Jar

Share your favorite cookie by adding the necessary ingredients to a sealed jar. Place an instruction sheet on the back for easy baking.

26. Coffee Lover’s Dream

Fill cloth satchels with fresh coffee beans. This easy DIY is inexpensive but greatly appreciated by guests the morning after celebrating!

27. I Heart You

Keep it simple and tasty with customized wedding cookies. Your guests will appreciate the extra touch and treat!

28. Personalize It

No matter what you decide to gift your guests, be sure it has a personal touch. Consider charming stickers that can be ordered weeks or months in advance.

29. Confetti Cones

Make wedding confetti cones on a rainy afternoon. Add a personal touch of custom gift tags, which you can match with your wedding invitations.

30. Keep Jammin’

These yummy jars of homemade jam are a charming way to thank guests for coming. Have fun putting a final ribbon on your fruity masterpiece!

31. Drink Up

Stir up a homemade brew of your favorite liqueur. Don’t forget a gift tag so guests can remember where the fun came from!

32. Custom Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are growing in popularity, thanks to the Moscow mule. Surprise your guests with customized mugs to take home.

33. Light Up Their Life

Create DIY jarred candles or personalize ones you’ve ordered. Make the project fun by choosing scents that match your personal style.

34. From the Olive Tree

Get creative and jar extra virgin olive oil for the guests. Don’t forget to add gift tags for a special touch.

35. Custom Drink Coasters

Customized coasters look sharp and have a practical use. These are easy to design, but just remember to order in advance!

36. Keys To Your Heart

Aren’t these antique keys gorgeous? This couple tied them to the place cards resting under an ornate box. Surprise your guests by adding a gift unique to you and your love in the box!

37. Perfect Pocketfold

Gather items or pictures in a pocket fold for guests to take home. They’ll love having this elegant folder for future use.

38. Melt in Your Mouth

Order mints in bulk to save on the cost. Package them in small stunning bags and add a trendy gift tag.

39. Love Mugs

Order custom mugs for your big day! Guests will enjoy drinking out of these for years to come and it will remind them of your fun wedding day. 

40. Handcrafted Journals

Enchant your guests with handcrafted journals marked with your designated wedding gift tag. Guests will enjoy recording memories and stories for years to come.

41. Gift of Charity

Instead of giving wedding favors, donate to a charity close to your heart. Order these gorgeous mini cards to share the news with your guests.

42. Nifty Tote Bags

Design tote bags that represent you and your fiancé. This wedding favor idea is eco-friendly and super useful!

43. Match Your Theme

Host a perfectly cohesive wedding by ordering gift tags that match your invites and menus. Include gift boxes and tags to make your wedding one grand event.

44. Beautiful Boxes

Charming boxes enhance the love of any wedding. Place your favorite goodie inside and wow your guests with custom gift tags.

45. Novelty Popcorn 

Make DIY packages of specialty popcorn or order from a local shop. Get creative by dyeing your popcorn to match your color scheme.

46. Hand Tied Gift Bags

Decide on almonds, chocolates or another treat. Schedule a fun craft afternoon with friends for stuffing the bags and tying the ribbons.

47. Keep it Sweet

Delight your guests with homemade cookies. Complete the look with beautiful bags and personalized tags.

48. Personalized Matchboxes

A simple matchbox is a wedding favor tradition that’s coming back into style. Design the box to commemorate your big day while staying within budget.

49. Right from the Heart

Make your own candies or treats that have particular meaning to you. Neatly package them and complete the look with a personalized gift tag.

50. Box Out

Pick a favorite sweet or salty treat to thank your guests. Use a gift box to showcase them along with a personal note.

51. Pop Up Party

Put together party kits with streamers, table decor and more. Your guests will have a blast opening all the surprises inside.

52. Party Pack

Organize everything in one place for your guests. This couple placed their wedding program, confetti and favor altogether.

53. Hot Cocoa Jar

Layer rich chocolate along with marshmallows and powdered cocoa mix in a medium-sized jar. Personalize the favor with a tag or sticker.

54. Recipe Booklets

Compile your favorite recipes and share them with guests in a timeless recipe book. This creative wedding favor idea is easily personalized with family recipes or dishes you and your fiancé love to cook together.

55. Popcorn Takeaways

Buy or make popcorn in bulk then hand stuff and seal your packages. Try flavors like caramel, cheese or chocolate.

56. Be Green

Potted succulents last a long time and make for great home decor. Give away these tiny green treats to all your guests.

57. Soda Pop Koozies

Add something extra to your koozie wedding favor idea. Pop in your favorite soda and hand out fun straws.

58. Colorful Koozie

Keep your guests’ summer drinks cool. Every time they pull out a beer, they’ll think of you! Plus it something handy and durable that they can keep for years. 

59. Burlap Candle

Decorate a jarred candle with burlap for a rustic, natural feel. Pick a scent or two that will warm the homes of all your guests.

60. Specialty Apples

These yummy snacks will have your guests raving for weeks. Coat your caramel apples with nuts, chocolate or coconut shavings.

61. Simple Gifting

Add a personalized touch to your favors, like a cocktail stir stick. Add other gifts to the satchel like chocolate or handwritten note.

62. Supremely Succulent

Add to the natural aura of your festivities by gifting an herb or succulent in a cloche. It will stay fresh and safe for your guests’ journeys home.

63. Sweetest Treats

Enhance the aura of love with heart style cookies. Guests can eat these at your wedding or savor them for their trip home.

64. Marvelous Macarons

Share a luscious treat wrapped in an exquisite box. Macarons come in a variety of colors and flavors, so base your selection on your color scheme!

65. Easy as Pie

Delight your guests with cherry, berry or apple pies! Seal it with love using a personalized gift tag.

66. Wedding Confetti

Fill cones made from the pages of a book or magazine. When you exit the venue, guests can shower you with love and confetti.

67. Paper Fans

Colorful or themed fans are a perfect wedding favor idea for the summer. Guests will appreciate the extra breeze and can reuse them again and again.

68. Keepsake Handkerchiefs

Design DIY keepsake handkerchiefs to give guests for all of the wedding emotions. These sentimental favors will bring them joy and comfort for years to come.

From personalized glassware to containers for savory goods—each item is sure to put a smile to their face and create a lasting impression. Once you’ve decided on the perfect wedding favor, browse our wedding accessories like menus, place cards and more to really make your guest feel special.