10 Reasons to Choose a Minimony

As more and more people plan their weddings, they look to having minimonies and micro weddings to ease the cost of an expensive wedding day. Minimonies are a great way for couples to have a low key wedding, keeping their wedding event more intimate and easier to manage. Minimony weddings are great options for newlyweds who just want to get married without the burden of throwing a fancy and traditional wedding. If you do decide to have a minimony wedding, be sure to send a personalized wedding announcement to let your loved ones know that you and your spouse tied the knot in a close family affair. Learn more about the benefits of hosting a minimony wedding and how you could throw the best minimony wedding.

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What Is A Minimony?

A minimony wedding celebration consists of no more than 15 people and is held at a location that allows the wedding guests to properly socially distance themselves from one another. Having a minimoney ceremony and reception allows for couples to have their closest friends and family members by their sides while they say their “I do”. Choosing a minimony will also have its advantages in a variety of ways, such as having a smaller wedding budget and a more private wedding. Many couples now are considering having a minimony wedding ceremony officially to tie the knot.

Socially distant minimony wedding with only family outside in the outdoors

Benefits Of A Minimony Wedding

Planning a minimony wedding is really beneficial to a lot of couples who would prefer to have smaller wedding nuptials. Minimonies can be planned as an outdoor event or a small indoor event that will be close and intimate for the wedding party and the wedding guests. Additionally, there are more advantages of having a minimony wedding that will not only benefit the happy couple but also make the guests feel more involved in the wedding ceremony and reception.

1. More Affordable Wedding Budget

Weddings can be really expensive – from the number of guests you have, catering, drinks, venues, flowers, wedding stationery, and more, every aspect of your wedding can impact the budget you set for your wedding. Choosing to have a minimony will allow you to have a wider range in your wedding budget, allowing you to spend more on the must-have essential items you need for your big day. Even if you have a small budget for your minimony, you’ll still be able to send out personalized wedding invitations to make the day feel just as elegant if you were having a large wedding.

Having a small wedding budget can also benefit you not only for your wedding but for the start of your marriage with your spouse. Use the money you didn’t spend on your wedding, you can put it towards purchasing your first home together with your partner or putting it in a vacation fund for the future.

2. More Authentic Wedding

For some people, having a small wedding feels more comfortable than having a huge event. Most people choose minimonies because they would rather have a more authentic wedding that’s personalized more to them than to have them host a traditional wedding. This will reduce the stress for the happy couple feeling obligated or forced to host a wedding they will not enjoy for themselves.

With a minimony, couples can add more of the aspects they enjoy in their wedding, making it feel more authentic and sentimental for their special day. Couples can also choose to go the non-traditional route with their minimony wedding celebration by featuring some unique wedding ideas, such as skipping the vows and foregoing a bridal party. With a more authentic wedding, you can capture more intimate photos to add to your wedding photo book, making sure to relive the day for years to come.

3. More Private Wedding

The advantage of having a minimony wedding celebration is having a more private wedding. This will allow the happy couple and their guests to have the best wedding celebration by being able to interact with more of the wedding guests. Guests will be able to make small talk with all the guests invited to the minimony, allowing more quality time spent with everyone at the event. This will also allow the couple to properly create lasting memories with the guests invited. With a more intimate wedding, it’s more likely that everyone will be able to sign your wedding guestbook, which is great to have and look back on your joyful day.

private wedding in a barn with family and friends in a minimony affair

4. Less Stressful Wedding Day

With wedding planning and the actual wedding day, there’s bound to be a little stress that comes with the whole event. Reduce the stress of wedding planning by throwing a minimony wedding that removes much of the time and effort put into hosting a wedding. Creating a minimony wedding you want to have with the features you want to include will put less pressure on you and your spouse so you can enjoy your minimony to the fullest. A smaller wedding means it’ll be easier to keep track of wedding decorations that need to go up the same day, so you can look forward to the ceremony instead of the smaller details. With less pressure, there are fewer expectations and traditions you have to meet, and your guests will also have a more comfortable time celebrating your wedding.

5. More Venue Options

With bigger weddings, the more guests you invite, the harder it is to reserve a wedding space. With minimonies, the wedding can be celebrated virtually anywhere. It could be as simple and elegant as a small backyard wedding or even as unique as having your ceremony in the middle of the desert. With the many options of minimony venues, choosing a wedding location based on your style and tastes will be easy. After you have a set venue, it’ll be easy to decorate and still make it look very elegant with personalized wedding decorations. Whether you’re in a back yard or a small church, your decor will still make your minimony feel like a well put-together event.

Backyard minimony wedding setting - wooden tables with bohemian decor around swimming pool.

Minimony Wedding Venue Ideas

With a variety of minimony wedding venue options to choose from, here are some ideas of venue options we thought would look great for any minimony.

Local / National Park – By having your wedding ceremony at a local or national park, you’ll have a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and for your wedding pictures. If you and your spouse love the great outdoors, choosing your minimony venue outdoors will be a great nod to your love for nature.

Coffee Shop – This fun and unique wedding venue is great for any coffee loving couples. Celebrating your wedding in your favorite coffee shop will be a highlight for not only you and your spouse but for your wedding guests as well.

Backyard Wedding – Celebrate your love with a romantic backyard wedding in your family’s home or your own backyard. This will not only save money on your wedding venue but it will be even more meaningful since you got married in a special place such as a family home.

Desert – A growing minimony trend now is to have your wedding ceremony in a desert setting. This rustic and open venue will look amazing as the background of your wedding photos and will be a memory of a lifetime saying you got hitched in the desert.

Ocean View – Whether you have your ceremony overlooking the ocean on a seaside cliff or standing in the warm sand on the beach, an ocean beach minimony is a great place to have your wedding.

Rented Out Vacation Home – Growing in popularity now, renting a fancy vacation home that features beautiful amenities will enhance your wedding experience. With renting out the vacation homes with beautiful pools and gardens, this minimony option will be a fantastic option for your wedding venue. In addition, you could rent out the home for a couple extra days and start your honeymoon right after the wedding.

6. Personalized Wedding Decor

Wedding magnet for wedding minimony gift favors for guests

With minimonies, your wedding decor can be as personalized as you’d like. Having a smaller wedding will allow you to incorporate all the wedding decor ideas you’d want at a more manageable scale. For instance, you can give your guests a personalized wedding favor that matches your other decor. Some great ideas include wedding magnets and personalized wedding stickers. With a bigger wedding, it may be too hard to buy enough wedding favors for everyone, and it may also be difficult to match your favors to your decor theme. A smaller wedding gives you more flexibility and options for both your wedding decor and favors.

7. Family Style Dinner

Serving food at weddings can be costly, and it may not suit everyone’s tastes. Creating a menu that fits your tastes but can also accommodate your guests is important when hosting a wedding. Opt for a family style dinner with your favorite dishes or even jazz things up with serving non-traditional wedding foods. With these family style dinners you can opt to not have a seating chart as well, and allowing your guests to sit comfortably while enjoying their meal will make them feel more welcomed at your minimony. For your minimony dinner, create custom dinner plates as an easy, special touch of decor that you can personalize.

8. Less Wedding Planning

By hosting a minimony wedding, planning your ceremony and reception will be easy and less complicated. You can choose to skip specific wedding events and won’t have to account for as much catering, decor, or accommodations associated with big weddings. With less planning work to do, you and your spouse can really experience the best engagement period and wedding. Even though minimonies require a little bit of planning, keep your plans organized with a personalized wedding planner.

planner and calender perfect for wedding planning and wedding organizing for minimony wedding

9. Manageable Wedding Surprises

Last minute wedding surprises often happen at random stressful times, but having a minimony can help simplify those unexpected wedding surprises and let you focus on what really matters during your wedding celebration, the marriage of you and your spouse. For any last minute wedding emergencies, you will be able to make appropriate accommodations for your minimony will be a manageable event. Stay organized throughout your day with a simple custom notepad where you can write down your check list of things to do. With a minimony, you’ll love having a small to-do list versus having to worry about last-minute issues for the big day.

10. DIY Wedding Projects

Since your minimony is a smaller wedding, you are able to save a little bit of money creating DIY wedding projects for your ceremony and reception. Creating table centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonniere can be a daunting task if you are planning a large wedding, but creating them for a mimimony wedding is more manageable and will save you a lot of your wedding budget money.

Wrapping Up

The most important part of any minimony wedding is to make sure you and your spouse have a memorable wedding day. With having a minimony wedding, the close and intimate setting will allow you and your guest to mingle more and create memories that will last a lifetime. Commemorate these memories with a personalized wedding photobook to always be a wonderful reminder of your special day.

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