25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Grandpa

A Father’s Day gift is an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for the important men in your life. Although your first thought might be about what to get for Dad, don’t forget about the original dad — Grandpa. A personalized or DIY Father’s Day gift for Grandpa is an absolute must for the man who loves you so much.

Grandpa has been by your side since the day you were born, ready to support and guide you through any life challenges. He’ll never stop spoiling you and treating you like royalty despite what your parents say. Although he would never ask for anything, he’ll be overjoyed to even hear from you, so make him the happiest man in the world with a personalized gift he’ll treasure forever.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Grandpa

Like any dad, Grandpa thinks he already has everything he wants and needs. He’s been around the block a few times, and while he knows how to give the perfect gift, he still doesn’t know how to receive one. If you’re stumped trying to come up with the best possible present for Pops, continue reading below for the best Father’s Day gifts so you can give your grandfather something truly special.

1. Unique Picture Frame

Wooden photo frames.

Give Grandpa a custom wood photo frame with a fun design in his favorite color, a collage of family photos, or a funny quote he loves. He can clip his favorite photo print of his grandkids to this cool frame, giving him a great place to put all the prints he loves.

2. Personalized Pillow

Help Grandpa relax with a comfy addition to his living room couch or patio chair. Customize a plush pillow with a photo of Grandpa’s dog or a picture of his favorite city or landmark.

3. Family History Photo Book

Ask your parents and grandma for old family photos to compile into a sleek photo book. Find some adorable pictures of Grandpa as a child, his college days, his wedding to Grandma, and photos of them as new parents to gift him something that’ll help him reminisce and remember the good days.

4. Custom Magnet

For a small gift that Grandpa will immediately put on his fridge and never take off, go for a custom photo magnet. Compile photos of each family member for a collage, attach one family photo, or create a calendar magnet for something slightly more unique.

5. Photo Collage Mug

For the passionate tea-drinker, a photo collage mug featuring his grandkids will help fuel Grandpa’s obsession and give him a boost every morning at breakfast. Add all the best photos of Grandpa’s favorite people and watch him use his new mug every day.

6. Monogrammed Garden Stone

Monogrammed garden stones.

If Grandpa has a green thumb and spends all his free time taking care of his plants in the backyard, he’ll love an elegant accessory to his already beautiful garden. Monogram a garden stone to say “Pop’s Garden” or etch his favorite quote about nature for a great gift.

7. Double Wooden Print

A rustic-looking wooden print will be a great addition to Grandpa’s modern-style home. Give him a centerpiece he’ll love to display on the coffee table or a living room shelf. Fill it with sweet photos of his kids and grandkids, plus a quote about family for a truly valuable keepsake.

8. Personalized Apron

Inspire a new hobby of cooking, grilling, or even baking for Grandpa with a gift of a personalized apron this Father’s Day. Encourage him with a quote like “Best Chef Ever” or a photo of his grandkids enjoying his cooking. Whether he’s an expert or a complete novice in the culinary arts, it’s never too late to learn and pursue this fun, useful hobby.

9. Custom Growler

For the craft beer fanatic, a monogrammed stainless steel growler is the best gift to keep their drink fresh and flavorful. Choose between black, copper, or silver, then add Grandpa’s initials for a sleek, elegant look that’ll be a top-notch addition to his barware.

10. Unique Wind Chime

Wind chimes.

For the retired grandpa who spends his free time sitting on the porch and relaxing, a custom wind chime will make him feel even more peaceful as he enjoys his quiet time in the morning sun. Personalize with a quote about inner peace on one side and his initials on the other.

11. Monogrammed Tea Towel

Whether Grandpa loves to bake and needs something to cover his pastries, or likes a splash of color as decoration for the kitchen, a colorful tea towel is the gift for him. Help add some elegance to his kitchen by monogramming the tea towel, or create a pop of color with a family photo.

12. Personalized Calendar

Help him keep track of the date with a custom wall calendar he’ll want to look at every day. Customize it with seasonal photos of the grandkids for every month — beach pictures in June, back to school looks for September, and Christmas stockings in December. Bonus if you add a photo of your grandparents for the month of their anniversary.

13. Jigsaw Puzzle

Give Grandpa another fun activity to do by himself in his spare time or to bond with his grandkids. A personalized jigsaw puzzle of a beloved family photo will give Grandpa something fun to work on and something rewarding to look at when it’s complete.

14. Custom Playing Cards

Deck of cards and poker chips.

Retirement is bound to get boring sometimes, and what Grandpa doesn’t love to play cards? Customize his deck with his picture and initials so that he never loses this pack and whips it out for every game he plays.

15. Monogrammed Wine Tote

Grandpa will love this elegant monogrammed neoprene wine tote that’ll make it easier to bring wine to picnics or parties. Add his name or initials for a sleek, professional look, and then watch him use this for every dinner party he goes to. Now, he’ll never forget his wine tote at the end of the night since it’s made just for him.

16. Special Socks

Make sure Grandpa stays warm during the cold winter months with some cozy socks. Choose his favorite color for the background, then remind Grandpa how much he loves his cat with some photos of his favorite pet and their name.

17. Unique Pint Glass

For the grandpa who still can’t get enough beer, a personalized pint glass will help him indulge his passion for a cold one every now and then. Etch a funny quote like, “Keep your friends close and your beer closer,” to spice up Grandpa’s barware and make him smile every time he sees your gift.

18. Wood Wall Art

Choose the best family photo from your most recent photoshoot to incorporate into a wooden wall art piece as a Father’s Day gift for Grandpa. Help him decorate his bedroom or living room with something artistic and unique.

19. Personalized Clipboard

Clipboards with photo collages.

A custom photo clipboard is a perfect present for a grandpa who teaches or a writer who’s never happy sitting in one place and is always on the go. Pick a thought-provoking quote or some adorable family photos to remind Grandpa of what’s important.

20. Custom Ceramic Bowl

Your grandparents likely already have plenty of dishware. However, an extra bowl wouldn’t hurt, especially when it’s as unique and adorable as a ceramic bowl with photos of his grandkids. Grandpa will put your present to good use when he’s eating his morning oatmeal or his favorite soup for lunch.

21. Custom Post-It Notes

If you’re looking for something small but practical, personalized Post-It Notes are a gift Grandpa will use all the time. Add his monogram for a professional look, and he’ll be showing them off to everyone.

22. Desk Calendar

Add a little uniqueness to Grandpa’s work or home desk with a customized desk calendar featuring photos of his grandkids. Make each month special with a theme centered around the holidays of that month for a gift Grandpa will look at whenever he misses his family.

23. Desk Name Plate

Whether Grandpa still works in an office or just has his home desk, he can always use a desk name plate to look extra professional. You can choose to write out his full name and work title if he’ll be using it at work, or something more endearing like “Best Grandpa Ever” if he plans to use it in his home office.

24. Personalized Desk Caddy

Wooden desk caddy with family photos.

Help Grandpa stay organized with a practical desk caddy that’ll help separate his pens, pencils, cards, sticky notes, and any other office supplies. Either monogram the caddy with his initials or choose photos of his grandkids as babies for a more nostalgic look.

25. Unique Monthly Planner

Customize a monthly planner to give Grandpa a unique yet practical gift. He can use the planner to keep track of work, monthly appointments, and even babysitting shifts with the grandkids. Choose photos of his favorite grandkids for the cover, and get him a nice pen to pair with the new planner.

Personalizing Grandpa’s Gift

Personalizing a Father’s Day gift is a great way to make sure what you give Grandpa is one-of-a-kind and feels special. Nothing is worse than giving a gift that ends up collecting dust in the receiver’s closet, so make sure you keep his hobbies and interests in mind. Is he a grill master, a reader, an adventurer, a workaholic? Does he love to garden, relax in his favorite chair all day, or play card games with Grandma? Make sure you get him something he will truly appreciate and use.

Father's Day card for grandpa.

Whether you choose to give a handmade Father’s Day gift or buy something, Grandpa deserves something from the heart, something his grandchild clearly put effort and love into. A memorable Father’s Day card is a great way to show your grandfather this extra love and effort. Create a custom cover with a photo of you two and fill the inside with all the things you love about him. This will be the perfect cherry on top to give Grandpa the best Father’s Day.

Wrapping Up

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the amazing men in your life who will never stop loving and supporting you. While you may be tempted to focus only on your dad, don’t forget to make Grandpa’s day special too — he’s been there even longer. You’ll become the favorite grandchild in no time with the perfect personalized gift for the father or grandfather figure in your life.