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Whether she is your best friend, private confidant, role model, or all three, your sister means the world to you. But if you still can’t find the right gift idea for her graduation, birthday, or Christmas, don’t worry, you are not alone. That is why we have curated a special list of gift ideas for your sister that will make her feel all of the love and respect that she deserves.

iPhone Case by

iPhone Case

These days an iPhone travels just about everywhere she goes. Help your sister transform her phone into a trendy fashion statement when she is out dancing with friends, while also protecting it from scratches and dents from the inevitable fall. The brightly wrapped iPhone case lets you add a fun photo with either glossy or matte finish.
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Photo Collage Frame by

Photo Collage Frame

Each photo you have with your sister has a happy memory attached. Weekends in the park, summers at the beach, birthday parties all have their place in this photo gallery grid 16 square collage frame. This modern frame comes in a white or classic wood that will create a statement wherever she chooses to hang it.
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Photo Pillow on


Provide your sister with a pair of pillows to accent her bed, couch, or living space. When she is entertaining friends or enjoying her favorite TV show, a pillow makes the perfect companion. The vintage mixtape 12×16 pillow is a hip throwback statement piece that makes any room.
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Photo Gallery Luggage Tag -

Luggage Tag

For your sister’s business trips, vacations, or a move to college, luggage tags are a must. Help her identify what’s hers with this personalized upload your own design luggage tag. You can use a special photo to accessorize suitcases and carry-on bags and make sure it is as unique as she is.
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Photo Gallery Memory Game by


Remember all good times you had playing games as kids? As a gift idea for your sister, this memory game will provide countless hours of fun and is a true classic for any family. A photo gallery memory game full of images from growing up provides a bit of nostalgia on every turn and some guaranteed laughs if you choose the right photos.
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Custom Canvas Pouch by

Canvas Pouch

These stylish pouches come in four patterns and colors. The make it yours canvas pouch lets you personalize the outside with your sister’s name so that she will always know it’s hers. It is a great companion for the beach, sleepovers, or for packing a change of clothes for after a gym workout.
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Duvet Cover on

Duvet Cover

A fancy duvet cover to lets your sister complete her bedroom in style. Whether she is a teenager, in a college dorm room, or building a home, give her a gift that she can use every night. Consider the indigo brushed feather duvet cover for the sister that loves the outdoors, or just for your sibling who likes to add a statement to her bedroom.
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Make Today Awesome Mouse Pad by

Mouse Pad

Mouse pads make life easier for the sister who is often found on her computer. Whether hard at work or spending countless hours surfing the net, the make today awesome mouse pad is not only a great gift idea for your sister, but acts as a bit of inspiration practically in the palm of her hands.
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Photo Book by

Photo Book

A photo album is a classic gift for a sister. Fill it with photos of old times or new, but wherever she goes in life, it will be a constant reminder that you are always thinking of her. Shutterfly’s Favepix also makes it incredibly easy for you to create a photobook using Instagram.
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