Minimony Wedding

A minimony wedding is a close intimate family wedding affair with less than 15 guests in attendance. Minimony weddings are a great option for couples who prefer to have a non traditional low key wedding, with only their close loved ones around when they say their I do. Minimony weddings are similar to micro weddings and wedding elopements the only main difference is the number of guests at the wedding.

Plan your minimony wedding with these inspirational tips and tricks to make your wedding day stand out from the rest. Use these inspirational articles written by our Shutterfly Community lifestyle experts to plan the minimony wedding of your dreams.

newly wed couple on the beach getting married in a minimony beach wedding
February 5, 2021

10 Reasons to Choose a Minimony

As more and more people plan their weddings, they look to having minimonies and micro weddings to ease the cost of an expensive wedding day. Minimonies are a great way for couples to have a low key wedding, keeping their wedding more personal. 8 min read

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