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5x7 Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

January 2, 2013

2012 Holiday Cards

"Our family and friends loved our 2012 holiday cards! Normally we go to JCPenny to have our holiday pictures taken, but due to a timing and procrastination issue, we would not have recieved the cards back in time to mail them out before Christmas, so we pulled out the camera and the tripod and starting snapping pictures of the family. We uploaded the pictrues on Tuesday, ordered the cards on Wednesday and had cards in our hands by Friday. Now that we know how professional the cards came out, we will be ordering future holiday and special occasion cards from Shutterfly more often."

October 17, 2012

Christmas Cards

"I create art so instead of a photo of me, I send out a photo of an art piece on my Christmas Cards. This year I have used 3 different companies to create cards....shutterfly, my publisher, and thru my Mac photo program. Shutterfly was the best because of clarity and quality of digital photo, you can create on the front AND the back of the card, the fonts for changing type are expansive and the heavy weight card stock is a premium. I also photographed and digitally enhanced photo's of my friends houses and created note cards with their homes on the front. Then will give them as Christmas gifts. Again the quality was superior and I am really pleased with the heavy weight card stock and lovely envelopes. I was also able to create return address labels with my design."

October 14, 2016


"My biggest problem with all my Shutterfly projects is choosing appropriate pictures. Some may have the same problem. It is an artistic problem but real and may affect how pleased you are with the product. As in any program the more you use it the easier it becomes. That being said I find the quality to be superb. It is easy to navigate through the program and to make corrections. The colors are true to what my monitor portrays. The vivid tones are absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing. I am happily satisfied."

December 27, 2012

Excellent Customer Service

"I absolutely LOVE Shutterfly customer service! I had ordered my holiday cards, but wanted to tweak a photo, but it was after the 30 minute window. I called and was able to tweak the photo and still have my cards arrive with 2 day shipping -- and at no extra cost to me. What fabulous service! Thank you Shutterfly."

December 5, 2012

Definitely Naughty Holiday Card

"FANTASTIC card. My only wish is that it was more affordable. I did have to cut my chrismtas list down by half because of the expense of this card... but to those that I sent it to... they LOVED it... just wish I could have shared with more... Love your customer service and your understanding. I work for a company that also is 100% customer satisfaction, but not quite like this... no questions asked, no doubt, just 100% customer satisfaction. I will always get my cards here!"

5x7 Holiday Cards Send Big Greetings

When it's time to select your cards for the season, 5x7 holiday cards can make a significant impact in the mailbox and when your loved ones open them. Modeled after one of the traditional sizes of print photos, but when you customize them to include a caring holiday message and your images, they become something so much more. When you want to send big greetings to your family near and far, your friends from throughout the ages, plus colleagues who hear you talk about your kids all year long, 5x7 holiday cards are the perfect solution. 

Photos for 5x7 Holiday Cards 

Some families know there was that one moment that just captured the spirit of the year. Others like to take their time coordinating outfits and picking a picturesque backdrop to frame everyone just for the occasion of sending cards. Your family can choose anything you like. There are no rules when you personalize your holiday cards. Check out designs that let you feature one photo or comb through your photo archives to select four or more that show off you, your spouse, and your kids at different points in the year. Some of the highlights of the year might include a graduation, wedding or move to a new house

Unique Designs Make Holiday Cards Special

You can design one-holiday card for everyone on your list when you have lots of individual choices. Pick from square corners for a traditional photo look or choose rounded corners to enjoy sending contemporary cards. Winter motifs make things fun, too. Snowflakes, stars, holly, hearts, and other borders and details make your cards one-of-a-kind -- and that's not counting the pictures you pick! 

Customize the Silhouette on 5x7 Holiday Cards

One of the coolest ways to add an unexpected touch to your holiday cards is by selecting a custom trim or shape. A bracket silhouette features pointed edges that look like a crest, while a ticket silhouette features a modified octagonal shape. When you add these fantastic embellishments to your holiday cards, you can rest assured no one else is sending a card to yours!

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Send a Christmas card friends and family will love. Add your own greeting and everyone's names. There's room for more photos and wishes on the back, too.
Send a Christmas card friends and family will love. Add your own greeting and everyone's names. There's room for more photos and wishes on the back, too.
Send a Christmas card friends and family will love. Add your own greeting and everyone's names. There's room for more photos and wishes on the back, too.