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5x7 Holiday Cards

What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

May 20, 2018

i love these cards! so do all my friends!

"I love all shutterfly cards.....I have done them for every possible occasion.....definitely recommend them...."

May 15, 2018


"I was impressed by the quality (stock) of the card. I used this as the thank you for my twin daughters' communion thank you. I have received many compliments on the card. I would definitely use again."

May 14, 2018

Great Card

"I've made cards through Shutterfly for years. This is the first time I've made Christmas cards on photo paper. I love them! The photos are so sharp, the designs are so colorful. And they're lightweight, so I know one stamp will be enough. I will be making a lot more!"

May 14, 2018

The Glisten Works

"The combination of my specific photo, the card's design and its theme makes for a special Christmas Card. I did however, buy this along with a 10 card promotion; otherwise, I could not have afforded it. Everything has become so much more expensive."

May 13, 2018

Fabulous Holidy cards

"I love ordering holiday cards from Shutterfly. It is so easy to use their templates and the cards look very professional. And most important they are a great value. I especially like the folded cards."

5x7 Holiday Cards Send Big Greetings

When it's time to select your cards for the season, 5x7 holiday cards can make a big impact in the mailbox of your loved ones. These cards are modeled after one of the traditional sizes of print photos, but when you customize them to include a caring holiday message and your own images, they become something so much more. When you want to send big greetings to your family near and far, your friends from throughout the ages, plus colleagues who hear you talk about your kids all year long, 5x7 or 5x5 holiday cards are the perfect solution.

Photos for 5x7 Holiday Cards 

Some families know there was that one moment that really captured the spirit of the year. Others like to take their time coordinating outfits and picking a picturesque backdrop to frame everyone just for the occasion of sending cards. Your family can choose anything you like. There are no rules when you personalize your own holiday cards. Check out designs that let you feature one photo or comb through your personal photo archives to select four or more that show off you, your spouse, and your kids at different points in the year. Some of the highlights of the year might include a graduation, wedding or move to a new house.

Unique Designs Make Holiday Cards Special

You can design a holiday card for everyone on your list when you have lots of unique choices. Pick from square corners for a traditional photo look or choose rounded corners to enjoy sending contemporary cards. Winter motifs make things fun, too. Snowflakes, stars, holly, hearts, and other borders and details make your cards one-of-a-kind -- and that's not counting the pictures you pick.

Customize the Silhouette on 5x7 Holiday Cards

One of the coolest ways to add an unexpected touch to your holiday cards is by selecting a custom trim or silhouette. A bracket silhouette features pointed edges that look like a crest, while a ticket silhouette features a modified octagonal shape. When you add these amazing embellishments to your holiday cards, you can be sure no one else is sending a card like yours.