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5x7 Wedding Anniversary Invitations

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What customers have to say about our Wedding Anniversary Invitations

January 9, 2019

Superior product

"I purchased invitation for our 50th anniversary celebration. The quality of the cards and envelopes is excellent! I am very pleased with the total product. Our daughter helped us get the cards organized and put the correct information on them."

December 20, 2018

Will definitely order more products

"I made 50th Wedding Anniversary Party invites fro my in-laws, and the quality was perfect! Received everything in 1 week!!! I will definitely be back for other projects."

November 1, 2018

Great invitation

"This was used for my inlaws 50th Anniversary. It is nice but casual as the same time. Very good quality!"

October 30, 2018

Shutterfly always does a terrific job, and, are helpful when

"So pleased with the invitations to our 50th anniversary party!"

October 21, 2018

Very pleased with this inviatation

"Text and photos are very clear. Appreciate that we were able to purchase a small amount for this small party."

5x7 Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Design custom 5x7 wedding anniversary invitations with Shutterfly. Every wedding anniversary is a special day to celebrate. Whether you’ll be celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, such as a 1st, 25th, 40th or 50th wedding anniversary - or any other year in between - Shutterfly’s wedding anniversary invitation designs offer a beautiful way to deliver the news of your upcoming event. No matter what type of celebration you’re hosting, from a small, casual gathering with close family and friends to an elegant, grand event at a banquet hall, you’ll want to give your loved ones plenty of notice about your upcoming occasion. If you’re hosting a surprise celebration for a happy couple in your life, these custom invitations are an ideal way to spread the word about the event.

Custom 5x7 Wedding Anniversary Invitations

In this collection of wedding anniversary invitations, you’ll find a design that’s perfectly suited to your event and the personalities of both you and your partner. We feature a great mix of timeless designs and contemporary styles. All of our anniversary invitation designs can be personalized with ease, making it convenient for you to create unique, memorable invitations that will wow your recipients. Invitees are sure to be touched when they receive your invites and will be excited about celebrating with you.

Personalizing Your Wedding Anniversary Invites

Shutterfly makes it extremely convenient to turn your cherished memories into beautifully printed anniversary invitations. To invite your friends and family members to a celebration for your wedding anniversary, simply upload your favorite images of you and your significant other into our easy-to-use template. Your pictures can span decades or be recent photos – but it’s always fun to include a picture from your wedding day, as well as a recent one! Then use the design assistant to modify the font, messaging and colors to match your event’s theme and/or suit your personality and style. Write your own personalized message and don’t forget to include all the important details your invitees need to know, including the date, time and place your event will take place – as well as any dress code, if applicable. To help you plan properly, you’ll also want to include a RSVP-by date, contact name, phone number and email address.

Stationery Accessories for Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Highlight the importance of your wedding anniversary invitations by adding style and personality to the envelopes they’ll be sent in. Shutterfly offers beautiful, coordinating personalized address labels and custom stickers that will make your envelopes stand out. If you’re looking for an anniversary gift, check out our collection of wedding gifts and keepsakes, or make a custom wedding photo book that you can fill with photos of your wedding day or special memories from throughout your years together.