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Classic Religious Christmas Cards

What customers have to say about our Religious Christmas Cards

January 18, 2013

When Christmas cards are gifts!

"I ordered Picture in a Portrait Christmas cards several times before and even after Christmas. Instead of making it our Christmas cards, I made them with photos I have taken through out the year as a nature photographer. Then I broke them down into bundles of 6, inserted them, with their envelopes, and gave them as gifts or with gifts. My most recent order was a photo of 2 Canada Geese standing in the bend of a dirt road. I ordered 10 of them and gave the whole group to my husband who often sends notes to people in the church to encourage them, to congratulate them, or just to maintain contact. Shutterfly makes it easy to turn my photos into quality note cards. (Note: rather than send Christmas cards, I make a donation from our family to a charity.) I love Shutterfly's products as they are the best quality products on the web."

September 25, 2012

Great Religious Card

"This is one of the few cards that I have been able to locate online that meets my rather strict criteria necessary for one of our family Christmas cards. 1. Sufficiently religious (Jesus is the reason for the season, after all), 2. Prominent Place for Family Photo, 3. Pleasantly religious sentiment. This Shutterfly card is a wonderful option for those looking for a more religious Christmas card! Thank you, Shutterfly, for offering religious cards for those of us looking for one!"

October 2, 2013

Cards & Books

"I've created a few books on your site....I wasn't sure how they would come out as I am a stickler for detail. As a person who loves to take offered a few free deals which encouraged me to try your site. I followed your instructions to upload and create my projects....well I must say that I am overwhelmed with the quality...the ease of use...the speed that they arrive! Thank you Shutterfly for giving myself and my friends a new way to look at pictures! Everyone loves it!"

October 20, 2012

Great photo cards

"Fantastic quality photo cards. Will definitely order more photo cards again, as they were made so beautifully."

September 7, 2012

The Perfect Card

"I only buy Christmas cards that speak about the true meaning of Christmas, which is of course, Jesus. This is one time of the year when I can overtly share the message of our Savior without people complaining because everybody knows we are celebrating Jesus' birth. I like that this card has room for four photos so we could do a picture of each of the boys, one of hubby and I and also a family picture."

Send Classic Religious Christmas Cards

There's a reason for the season, and you're so blessed to be able to share it when you send traditional religious Christmas cards to everyone you love. You've always loved the teachings of Christianity. Faith, hope, and Caritas, the benevolent virtue by which we love all of the creation for its sake and the sake of love, are an important part of your life. 

Your Christmas cards are another way for you to show your friends and family what you represent when we celebrate Jesus' birth. Religious Christmas cards will always be in style, no matter how your family photo changes year after year. Keep sending them and enjoy seeing how you and your partner or kids grow each year, too. 

Sending Religious Christmas Cards to Your List

Your family already knows you send beautiful, custom Christmas cards and Holiday cards -- and they can't wait to get this year! But other people in your community can share your seasonal joy, regardless of whether they share your faith. Just like you welcome cards from everyone who sends them with love, you can send yours with love, too. 

From your tireless mailman who risks the winter weather day in and day out to the ladies at your nail salon, who deserve a generous tip slipped into the folds of their envelopes, you can give religious Christmas cards to everyone on your list. (Some of these folks deserve personalized gifts, too!)

The message is about the goodness of your heart. Let that goodness reach others with customized Christmas cards that show your gratitude for God and what God has given you through grace. 

Photos you select, and upload can be arranged in different layouts to highlight the bounty of your family or to put a spotlight on a new family member or a few great memories you shared over the past year. 

Your Christmas Cards Are for You, Too. 

The years roll by and, while you probably save Christmas cards from a few, treasured loved ones, you can start saving your own, too. When you customize cards, you can look back on them and see how they highlight your baby's burgeoning personality or playfully commemorate that one haircut your son insisted on getting that year. And if you and your partner look a little wiser each year, just remember, it was wise men who told of the coming of Christmas.

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