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Thank You Card
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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

August 8, 2013

Best way ever to send a thank you

"I made thank you cards using a few photos of my toddler son, to send as thank you notes when various relatives and family friends give him a toy or gift. The cards are such a hit. So much more meaningful to have this personalized card than a store bought thank you card, and for about the same price or less than the store bought card. The quality of the cards and pictures are great. As my son grows up, I'm sure I will continue to design and buy personalized thank you cards like these. Such a special and meaningful way to thank someone for their generosity."

April 29, 2013

Shutterfly team, you've outdone yourselves!

"Having enjoyed several Shutterfly photo books received as gifts from my son, I couldn't resist trying to create them myself. The ease of creation and the wonderful results got me hooked on Shutterfly. I've created six books so far, and I have the intention of scanning in all our photos and creating photo books to showcase them all. Just when I thought this photo creativity couldn't get any better, I decided to try my hand at greeting cards. My wife and I recently retired to the west coast and wanted some all-purpose cards to use for note cards and thank you cards. The quality of the cards I received has surpassed my expectation by a mile. They are incredible. I went with matte finish which I prefer. The cards are coated in what seems to be a plastic protective layer which will likely make these cards keepers. They're nice enough to frame. Even with the shipping cost, the cards are cost effective to give as one-off personalized birthday cards. I'll never use a store bought card again."

September 14, 2016


"Everything I get made from Shutterfly is wonderful. I've been using them for several years now. I get all my prints cards posters notes gifts labels & photo books all from shutterfly. Great prices and quality. I can't say enough about them. I'm always recommending them to all my friends. Thank you shutterfly you make my life easier. Amanda."

May 24, 2014

Simply Thank You Thank You Card

"It's wonderful to use the photos I have stored in Shutterfly's servers to create beautiful cards of all sorts. It is so much more meaningful to use a photograph of our family, or of a beautiful location visited, to underscore the thoughts and emotions to be conveyed to the card recipient. From now on...I'm doing all my cards (holiday, thank you, birthday, and special occasion/event) with Shutterfly!"

April 11, 2013

Loved the card....hated the shipping price to Canada

"Shutterfly products are much, much better than anything I have ever found in Canada. The only complaint I have is that most items cost $15.99 to ship. Shipping on one card was only $2.49 but I recently took advantage of a deal for 10 free cards and the shipping was $15.99. This was fine since the cards were free but I would happily have bought more cards if the shipping cost weren't so high. I saw some cute address labels and put them in my cart also and was horrified that the $15.99 shipping cost doubled! Photo books and calendar shipping costs are reasonable but everything else is much too high. I don't understand how address labels cost more to ship than photo books. I wish they would adjust shipping rates to Canada and then I'd order so many more things! I have to say though, quality can not be beat!"

A Post-Graduation To-Do List

You just got home, diploma in hand, and have the rest of your life ahead of you. Now it's time to look at your post-graduation to-do list. Among the many thing on your list is to get some pink thank you cards to send to everyone who helped you along the way and gave you graduation gifts. Here are some of the most important things you need to get done now that graduation has happened.

Who Are You Thankful For?

Collegiate thank you cards aren't just for gifts, you should also acknowledge those who helped you along the way. Your parents or anyone who gave you financial aid should also be on that list. Next, think about teachers and mentors who changed you and influenced your academic career. Many of these people represent good networking opportunities in the future.

Return Your Rental

For an undergraduate degree, you usually buy the cap and rent the gown. Even for postgraduate degrees, sometimes you rent the gown instead of buying it. Make sure you have your gown and any accessories it came with gathered together to send back where you rented it from.

Have You Packed?

If you lived in the dorms, you'll need to be packed for the next chapter of your life. If you lived with your parents, it's possible that the plan is to stay there for a while or you may be heading to your own apartment. Don't forget to pack any of your special wall art that you've collected over the years.

Where to From Here?

Hopefully, you've decided between more school or a job before graduation. If you haven't, this is the best time to do so. Look to successful adults in your life for advice if you're struggling to make a decision.

Collegiate thank you cards should be high on your to-do list after graduation, but you have a lot more to do after that. Post-college life is exciting and scary so don't forget about the friends and family who are there to help you.

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