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Couples Thank You Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

August 8, 2013

Best way ever to send a thank you

"I made thank you cards using a few photos of my toddler son, to send as thank you notes when various relatives and family friends give him a toy or gift. The cards are such a hit. So much more meaningful to have this personalized card than a store bought thank you card, and for about the same price or less than the store bought card. The quality of the cards and pictures are great. As my son grows up, I'm sure I will continue to design and buy personalized thank you cards like these. Such a special and meaningful way to thank someone for their generosity."

April 29, 2013

Shutterfly team, you've outdone yourselves!

"Having enjoyed several Shutterfly photo books received as gifts from my son, I couldn't resist trying to create them myself. The ease of creation and the wonderful results got me hooked on Shutterfly. I've created six books so far, and I have the intention of scanning in all our photos and creating photo books to showcase them all. Just when I thought this photo creativity couldn't get any better, I decided to try my hand at greeting cards. My wife and I recently retired to the west coast and wanted some all-purpose cards to use for note cards and thank you cards. The quality of the cards I received has surpassed my expectation by a mile. They are incredible. I went with matte finish which I prefer. The cards are coated in what seems to be a plastic protective layer which will likely make these cards keepers. They're nice enough to frame. Even with the shipping cost, the cards are cost effective to give as one-off personalized birthday cards. I'll never use a store bought card again."

August 7, 2017

I would buy again

"I am a HUGE shutterfly fan!!"

October 4, 2014

Picture card

"I was very happy with this card. It was very easy to design and there was a decent amount of format designs. Everyone I sent it too loved it."

April 12, 2013

Great card

"This a great thank you card, you can get lots of photos in this layout. So easy to create my custom card. The card stock and colour are perfect. The person I gave the card to loved it! Great keepsake."

Beautiful Couples Thank You Cards for Any Occasion

There is nothing more special and inspiring to others than seeing couples who are in love interacting with each other. No matter how long you been with your partner, share a little cheer and happiness with your friends and family by sending them couples thank you cards.

Combine Your Tastes for the Perfect Design

You may have a preference for a certain color, design and theme of card and your partner may have another. That’s part of what helps to make personalized couples thank you cards so interesting and desirable. You have the freedom to mix your preferences together to create unique cards that you can’t find anywhere else.

Maybe you want to show everyone how romantic you and your lover are or you may just want to show off some of your most relaxed moments together. You have the power and freedom to do that and so much more. You can also use words to help increase the sentiment so that there is no mistaking your intent when you let your friends and family know how much you appreciate their support.

Take the Path That Is Less Traveled

Break the mold and stop taking the easy way out when it comes to saying thanks. Your friends and family took the time to attend your special events and pick out gifts that were suitable and useful for you and your lover. At the very least, you owe them a thank you that makes them feel as if their gifts and efforts were the best in the world.

While you are finalizing your couples thank you cards, don’t forget to think about the way they’ll look when they arrive to their destinations. Finalize the details so you’ll make a cohesive and beautiful statement by ordering some personalized stationery and mix & match stationery sets as well. The recipients will never forget how much effort you put into making them feel as special and treasured as they did when they attended your wedding and other special events.

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Show just how much you appreciate them with this stylish thank you card. Add your favorite photos and a message of thanks.
Show just how much you appreciate them with this stylish thank you card. Add your favorite photos and a message of thanks.
Show just how much you appreciate them with this stylish thank you card. Add your favorite photos and a message of thanks.