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Couples Thank You Cards

What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

January 27, 2019

Grateful for my thank you cards

"I ordered these cards to give out with my closing gifts to my buyers and I am so glad that I did. The quality is amazing and the print was perfect. Can't wait to use them!"

January 27, 2019


"Love the size, love the card stock, love how our photo fit so nicely."

January 27, 2019

Love these cards.

"Shutterfly always does a great job."

January 26, 2019


"Once again, Iove my end result from Shutterfly. The people love their personalized cards too."

January 26, 2019

These turned out so CUTE!!!

"The card stock is very heavy and makes it a nice writing experience. Quality, thick, great bright colors on the card. This is a great product and a wonderful purchase."

Beautiful Couples Thank You Cards for Any Occasion

There is nothing more special and inspiring to others than seeing couples who are in love interacting with each other. No matter how long you been with your partner, share a little cheer and happiness with your friends and family by sending them couples thank you cards.

Combine Your Tastes for the Perfect Design

You may have a preference for a certain color, design and theme of card and your partner may have another. That’s part of what helps to make personalized couples thank you cards so interesting and desirable. You have the freedom to mix your preferences together to create unique cards that you can’t find anywhere else.

Maybe you want to show everyone how romantic you and your lover are or you may just want to show off some of your most relaxed moments together. You have the power and freedom to do that and so much more. You can also use words to help increase the sentiment so that there is no mistaking your intent when you let your friends and family know how much you appreciate their support.

Take the Path That Is Less Traveled

Break the mold and stop taking the easy way out when it comes to saying thanks. Your friends and family took the time to attend your special events and pick out gifts that were suitable and useful for you and your lover. At the very least, you owe them a thank you that makes them feel as if their gifts and efforts were the best in the world.

While you are finalizing your couples thank you cards, don’t forget to think about the way they’ll look when they arrive to their destinations. Finalize the details so you’ll make a cohesive and beautiful statement by ordering some personalized stationery and mix & match stationery sets as well. The recipients will never forget how much effort you put into making them feel as special and treasured as they did when they attended your wedding and other special events.