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Baby's First Christmas Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

January 2, 2013

2012 Holiday Cards

"Our family and friends loved our 2012 holiday cards! Normally we go to JCPenny to have our holiday pictures taken, but due to a timing and procrastination issue, we would not have recieved the cards back in time to mail them out before Christmas, so we pulled out the camera and the tripod and starting snapping pictures of the family. We uploaded the pictrues on Tuesday, ordered the cards on Wednesday and had cards in our hands by Friday. Now that we know how professional the cards came out, we will be ordering future holiday and special occasion cards from Shutterfly more often."

October 17, 2012

Christmas Cards

"I create art so instead of a photo of me, I send out a photo of an art piece on my Christmas Cards. This year I have used 3 different companies to create cards....shutterfly, my publisher, and thru my Mac photo program. Shutterfly was the best because of clarity and quality of digital photo, you can create on the front AND the back of the card, the fonts for changing type are expansive and the heavy weight card stock is a premium. I also photographed and digitally enhanced photo's of my friends houses and created note cards with their homes on the front. Then will give them as Christmas gifts. Again the quality was superior and I am really pleased with the heavy weight card stock and lovely envelopes. I was also able to create return address labels with my design."

May 5, 2017

I love the card I ordered and highly recommended

"Love the card and the picture I choose was exactly the same the way it was made on the card I ordered. Highly recommended."

December 25, 2013

Great Thank you notes

"These cards came out great. Shutterfly is the best."

September 26, 2012

Greeting Card

"My Grandfather has been sick for a while and because of my currant health conditions I am not able to visit him in the hospital, so I decided to make him a 5x7 folded card through Shutterfly! I used a picture of my daughter ( his great grandaughter ), my mother ( his daughter ) and myself ( his grandaughter ) on the front and a personalized message inside! My mother dropped it off to him and said it brought tears to his eyes! and that its now hanging right beside his bed and that he shows every nurse and doctor who comes in to check on him! And that's exactly what Shutterfly does... It brings love and joy to everyone!!! I am so happy and Shutterfly I love you so much!!!"

Baby's First Christmas Holiday Cards

A baby won’t remember his or her first Christmas, but it’s definitely a milestone for the parents. Babies are involved in the tradition for the first time and often take over the show with their adorable presence. Families and friends love shopping for a baby’s first Christmas, and every aspect of the holiday often seems so much sweeter. This Christmas celebrate both the season and your new baby by sending out Christmas cards that honor this new member of your family.

Choosing Your Holiday Cards

Shutterfly has holiday cards geared toward celebrating a new arrival. These cards have traditional holiday elements, such as snowflakes, holly and seasons’ greetings; however, these cards also have space for the baby’s birth statistics, such as weight, height and the date of birth, and ample space for photos. Even if you don’t normally send out Christmas cards, everyone will love seeing pictures of your new baby, and they’ll likely display the cards in a prominent location. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents love to “ooh” and “aah” over new members of the family, even from afar.

Another benefit of sending out holiday birth announcements is the possibility of additional gifts. Expenses quickly add up when taking care of a new baby, from diapers to extra laundry. Even if you think you might have everything you need, chances are there are items that haven’t yet made your list. Getting support from family and friends can help you get through this difficult financial time. You’ll love seeing what others have picked out just for your child.

Other Shutterfly Cards for Babies

Once you receive your special gift, don’t forget to send out baby themed thank you cards. This small token of appreciation often means a lot to the gift giver. This year, as you hang ornaments from your tree, spend time with your family and gather by the fireplace, don’t forget take some time to send a cozy card for your sweet bundle of joy. After all, a first Christmas only comes once in a lifetime!