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Foil Baby Shower Invitations

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What customers have to say about our Baby Shower Invitations

May 8, 2013

Baby Shower Invites

"This was so perfect for me & at such a decent price for good custom made quality. It started out being over $56 for 20 invitations but after adding all the easy to find promo codes & an extra coupon code I found on their app that downloaded on my phone, it came out to just over $21 + the 15 free extra invitations they threw in. So in all I got 35 custom made, good quality invitations plus the free decent envelopes for each one for $21 & some change. I think that's a great deal. Definitely sticking with these guys! :)"

January 11, 2013

Great card for a Couples Shower!

"I used this card for a couple's baby shower. I still think it's cute and fun, without being so feminine that guys won't want to come to a baby shower (the baby is a boy, which I think lends itself to a baby shower for men and women too). I liked that you could edit the wording, font and text color from the original. I'm very happy with my purchase."

July 28, 2017

I will purchase my invitations here again!

"The card stock is good quality, templates are many and the personalization with photos is great!"

April 4, 2013

Very cute shower invitation

"I ordered this card couple of weeks ago. I'm very happy with the quality and colors. Very reasonable price and looks better than the picture. I highly recomand this invitation card."

September 26, 2012

Loved this card

"Used this baby card template to create a13th birthday card for my son. 13 is a big year in child's life. They are beginning to put their childhood behind them and maturing into young adults. It was wonderful to create a custom card for such a significant birthday. My son loved it."

Foil Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers are fun occasions allowing a mother-to-be to be recognized for the big step she is taking in life. Sometimes the shower is planned by the soon-to-be mother herself. Other times, a friend or family member might throw her one. When is the appropriate time to send out those blue, pink or gender-neutral baby shower invitations? That depends on the mother’s personal preferences and what is convenient for the giver of the celebration. Here are a few ideas on the best times to have a baby shower.

Before the Baby Is Born

This is by far the most traditional time to have a baby shower. If the soon-to-be parents know the gender of the baby, then it is usually easy to throw a party and help them to start collecting all of the essential gear they need. If the new parents do not know the gender of the baby, then a gender-neutral party is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. Just choose colors in yellows and greens and have at it. 

After the Baby Is Born

Some new parents might prefer to wait until the baby is born before having a shower. This might be done if the parents want to know the gender of the baby first but don’t plan on finding out until the baby is born. Another reason to wait until after the baby is born is due to weather. Some parents might not want a shower thrown in the middle of winter, for example, or at the height of RSV season. In these cases, the thrower of the party might wait until the weather is more favorable. In the meantime, they can decide on a baby shower theme.

Baby Sprinkle for Second Child and More

Another time to send out photo baby shower cards and, later, thank you cards is for a baby sprinkle. This is a baby shower for a second child, third child and so forth. Parents might want a baby sprinkle if it has been a while since they had a baby in the home or if they have a baby of a different gender from the first. It’s really up to the mother-to-be to decide if and when she needs a baby shower.