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Gold Foil Holiday Cards

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What customers have to say about our Holiday Cards

September 18, 2017

I would buy these holiday every year!

"I will send these holiday cards to all my friends and family. I think they turned it great and am very happy with them! I am also very pleased with the customer service I received in order for me to get these cards because I had a cropping issue on the original order. I am very happy and will remain your loyal customer!"

September 18, 2017

Love Love

"I love the blue color and the heavy the cardstock. Our family photo from Colorado looks like it was made for this card. The ability to personalize the back allowed me to memorialize our beloved black lab that passed away this year made it a no brainer for me. Thanks Shutterfly"

September 17, 2017

Super Cute

"Love it will be sending to Grammy this Christmas"

September 16, 2017


"Beautiful Christmas card design, plus, I love the fact that you can feature up to 5 photos. Their cropping tool needs some tweaking and the card is a bit pricey, so wait for a good Promo Code to save yourself some money!"

September 15, 2017

Can't wait!

"I don't usually create Christmas Cards but these are special. I picked my favorite pictures and a special greeting. They came out so good. I can't wait to send them!"

Gold Foil Holiday Cards

Seasonal and Christmas cards have changed a great deal since the first ones were distributed in England in 1843. Modern cards bear jokes and rhymes and even silly cartoons. However, cards featuring simple, timeless images such as happy children around a decorated tree, wintry nature scenes, carolers and the Nativity are still the most popular. Along with those beloved, time-honored images go traditional details such as foil stamping Holiday cards. Gold foil holiday cards lend classic style to your seasonal greetings.

Savor Timeless Celebrations This Holiday Season 

The holidays are a great time to catch up with far-off family and friends and to celebrate with those near to you. Traditions lend an enduring quality to this festive season that can be deeply comforting in today’s fast-paced world. If you had favorite traditions as a child, revive them and share the joy with those around you. Perhaps you might even find room for some new ones. 

This season is celebrated in many ways by different cultures. The winter solstice, which occurs a few days before Christmas, is celebrated because it signals the return of the light. Especially in Nordic countries, a feast is laid out, and there is music and dancing. Burning a Yule log is an old holiday tradition with origins in Europe. The Yule log is lit on Christmas Eve and burns for one or more nights. People gather round the hearth and share drinks such as wassail, play cards and tell stories. 

Unchanging rituals like these define the holidays. These enduring ways to celebrate give people something familiar to hold on to amidst the changes of daily life. Perhaps that’s why so many still enjoy sending and receiving traditional seasonal sayings and messages such as gold foil holiday cards. They’re recognizable without being boring.

Tasteful Finishing Touches 

Personalized gifts are a great way to show people that you care about them, a sentiment that is always in style. Gifts, stylish foil holiday cards, beloved traditions, good cheer amidst good company—what’s not to celebrate?

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