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Green Thank You Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

August 8, 2013

Best way ever to send a thank you

"I made thank you cards using a few photos of my toddler son, to send as thank you notes when various relatives and family friends give him a toy or gift. The cards are such a hit. So much more meaningful to have this personalized card than a store bought thank you card, and for about the same price or less than the store bought card. The quality of the cards and pictures are great. As my son grows up, I'm sure I will continue to design and buy personalized thank you cards like these. Such a special and meaningful way to thank someone for their generosity."

April 29, 2013

Shutterfly team, you've outdone yourselves!

"Having enjoyed several Shutterfly photo books received as gifts from my son, I couldn't resist trying to create them myself. The ease of creation and the wonderful results got me hooked on Shutterfly. I've created six books so far, and I have the intention of scanning in all our photos and creating photo books to showcase them all. Just when I thought this photo creativity couldn't get any better, I decided to try my hand at greeting cards. My wife and I recently retired to the west coast and wanted some all-purpose cards to use for note cards and thank you cards. The quality of the cards I received has surpassed my expectation by a mile. They are incredible. I went with matte finish which I prefer. The cards are coated in what seems to be a plastic protective layer which will likely make these cards keepers. They're nice enough to frame. Even with the shipping cost, the cards are cost effective to give as one-off personalized birthday cards. I'll never use a store bought card again."

April 28, 2015

Cards Look Great

"I love the flexibility of this style the result is a great looking card to send as thank yous or for any other occasion."

October 3, 2014

Wow cards

"Being a teacher, these cards are so appropriate to give students, parents, or peers when wanting to express thanks and appreciation. Quick and easy. Not even necessary to sign my name."

March 19, 2013

Shutterfly cards/products.

"As usual the card I ordered came out perfect. I love shutterfly."

Green Thank You Cards

When you have something special going on in your life and your friends and family members are there to share it with you, it’s important to recognize them and thank them. You could throw a thank you party, send out cards or simply give them a call to express your thanks. With so many ways to personalize thank you cards, it’s a fun and unique way to show gratitude. Green thank you cards can be used for the following occasions:

  • After a Housewarming Party – If you have just moved into a new home, chances are your friends and family members helped you get there. Whether they physically moved your furniture for you or threw you a housewarming party, every little action is helpful and generous. The color green represents life, freshness and renewal. These are some perfect words that describe a new chapter in your life associated with your new home purchase. Sending green thank you cards to those who helped you get into your home is the perfect symbol.
  • When You Receive a New Job – If you want your boss or manager to understand how truly grateful you are after receiving a new job or a promotion, use a thank you card in blue or green. This color is often associated with money and ambition. Searching through our options, you may find the perfect color of green to portray this message and can send your new boss the perfect thank you card.
  • When You Become Pregnant – If you had to have help from a fertility specialist to become pregnant, it’s a good idea to send the specialist a card when you have success. The color green also symbolizes fertility, making it the perfect choice for this situation.

Whether you have recently moved to a new home, have received a job promotion or are finally pregnant, show those who helped you out how grateful you are with green thank you cards. Our personalization options make it easy to get your message across in a fun and colorful way.

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