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Happy New Year Christmas Cards

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October 16, 2017

i would buy this


October 15, 2017

love it

"its fun"

October 15, 2017

Beautiful Card

"Great holiday card!"

October 14, 2017


"I chose to inclde black and white photographs and they turned out better than expected. The cards turned out great. Love them."

October 14, 2017

christmass card

"Merry Christmass"

Happy New Year Christmas Cards

Life is made up of beautiful stages that can be challenging, rewarding and surprisingly fleeting. From birth to death, there are so many wonderful seasons in between that deserve to be remembered. Keep the best moments from each season of life alive by capturing and displaying your memories in these fun and unique ways.

Take Selective Photos

It is ridiculously easy to capture practically any moment you choose, now that you can snap a photo in a matter of seconds with your cell phone. However, if you aren’t selective about the moments you choose to capture, you could end up with hundreds of photos that you may never look at again. In order to keep the best memories alive, make sure you capture the right moments – the ones that actually mean something to you. By exercising a bit of discrepancy and immediately deleting photos that don’t speak to your heart or portray a moment in a meaningful way, you will end up with a treasure trove of perfectly-captured moments that you will actually want to display in wall art or other home décor. Can’t find the perfect photo to add? Shutterfly curated a list of Christmas photo ideas to help you create the perfect photos.

Create an Annual Photo Book

Each year, make a list of your favorite photographs and compile them into a Christmas photo book. Choose photos that capture the best of both the big and small moments. A picture of your child admiring a butterfly could be just as important to include in your book as a picture of a child graduating from high school. The key is to choose photos that you love and always want to remember.

Customize Your Christmas Cards

If you have a hard time taking annual family photos and you need a little extra incentive, make it a family tradition to create custom Christmas cards each year. In order to have a current photo for your cards, you will be forced to schedule family photos at least a couple of months before you send out your cards. Although getting the family together for pictures can be hectic, doing so will help you keep your memories alive.