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Gold Bridal Shower Invitations

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What customers have to say about our Bridal Shower Invitations

May 20, 2018

Good quality and arrived quickly

"The invitations for my little sister's bridal shower turned out beautifully and arrived less than a week after the order was placed. If the quality and timely service keep up, I'll probably become a regular."

May 20, 2018

I would buy stationery from Shutterfly again!

"Bought these adorable invitations for my daughter's bridal brunch. She was delighted. I will buy stationery from Shutterfly again. Great quality products; timely delivery."

May 20, 2018

simple and tasteful

"Lovely shower invitation, appreciate the ability to place a photo of the couple on the back side"

May 19, 2018

Great company and service!

"I send my notecards to family and friends and even sell a few."

May 17, 2018

Love making these personalized cards!

"It's just so easy & affordable to upload photo's to this website & make my own personalized cards. The receivers so appreciate the thoughtfulness of these cards. Cards are so expensive these days and these are so affordable. I'm starting to make all of my cards now."

Choosing a Bridal Shower Theme

Planning a bridal shower takes a lot of effort, but Shutterfly can help with these gold bridal shower invitations. Customizing your invitation is easier once you choose a theme for your party. After doing that, you can make the invitation match. Here are a few theme ideas.

Famous Couples in History

When you look at historic couples, you could go back as far as Romeo and Juliet or as recent as Hollywood's most recent wedding. Even though some famous couples hit rocky patches, there are often happier moments to focus on for the party. The golden theme of royalty and celebrity fits with most famous couples.

Romantic Getaway

Even if your bridal shower will be close to home, you can choose a popular romantic city for your theme. If you choose Paris, some decorating ideas include the Eiffel Tower and fancy dinnerware. Personalized glass plates with the date on them for everyone to take home and remember the fancy occasion are a great gift idea. Bonus points if you get together with the groom-to-be and decorate the bridal shower as a hint for where the honeymoon will be.

Glam Pajama Party

There is no rule stating that a bridal shower has to be a brunch affair. If you want to recall your slumber party days, then how about a dressy version of that old classic? One idea is to create a dress code of pajama pants and fancy jewelry to contrast these two styles. Since you're all adults now, you can skip the chocolate milk and serve Kahlua instead.

It is easier than ever to customize a glitter bridal shower invitation with the tools at Shutterfly. Once you know how you want your invitation to look, you may take some time to see what you should write on it. Among our shipping options is the ability to mail your cards to the recipients, saving you even more time!