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Outdoor Bridal Shower Invitations

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Planning an Outdoor Bridal Shower

An outdoor bridal party is fun when the weather is cooperative. That's why this kind of event is often in spring or summer, though areas with milder falls and winters may have outdoor parties all year long. As you design your outdoor bridal shower invitations, here are some tips to make your party a success.

Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes, the weather doesn't care that you booked a local park for a fancy outdoor party, so you need to have a backup plan in mind. If you're hosting a shower in your own backyard, then the plan could be as simple as moving everything indoors. However, if you plan on using a different venue in poor weather, it's a good idea to include the backup address on your invitations and what method you'll be alerting everyone if there's a change.

Research Seasonal Pests and Allergens

Besides weather, nature can throw other annoyances at your outdoor party that you should prepare for. One example would be having citronella candles lit to ward away mosquitoes if they are a concern in your area. You can also find out from guests if they are allergic to certain plants and avoid decorating with those. This is a great question to include on an RSVP card.

Avoid Serving Food That's Very Hot or Cold

In an outdoor setting, you won't always have the ability to keep food at a certain temperature. This can make it difficult to keep soups hot or ice cream cold, just to name a few. When the food you serve at an outdoor party has strict temperature requirements, it might not last through the entire event. What about some iced punch in a personalized decanter, instead?

An outdoor bridal shower invitation works great for your outdoor bridal shower. If you take the time to plan for inclement weather and natural pests in your local environment, then your party is sure to be a success.