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Kids Thank You Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

November 16, 2017

Customizable Card

"I love how this card can be customized into being for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby shower, etc."

November 16, 2017

Very Helpful Customer Service

"After not getting it right the first time, I got on the phone with customer service who was very helpful. He refunded my charge and then got someone to help fix the design for me so that the problem that occurred the first time would not happen again. The second shipment was perfect!"

November 15, 2017

A Great Card for a Family Photo or an Artistic Photo

"If you have a great photo you have taken or have created one in Photoshop or any print, greeting card software, it looks really professional printed on this paper with this soft fading border. I get so many compliments. I send these cards and give them as gifts. It is surely a nice way of sharing your creativity and in such a truly professional way."

November 15, 2017

Lovely card style

"Bought these to use for a business . . . very professional looking."

November 15, 2017

Great Product

"Great product - came as expected in delivery. Nice paper quality - never disappointed with Shutterfly!"

Kids Thank You Cards

In a world where obtaining what you want is as easy as clicking a button, it is easy for kids to lose gratitude for the comforts they enjoy. Teach your children how to remain thankful for everything they have with the help of these three simple ideas for fostering gratitude.

1. Develop a Habit of Saying Thank You

Kids learn from example, so the more you show gratitude in your daily life, the more likely they are to follow your lead. Practice saying “thank you” after receiving a gift or service so your children know how to react when they are on the receiving end of a nice gesture.

Anytime someone gives you a gift while you aren’t around, make a point to send them a thank you card. Homemade kids thank you cards are some of the most meaningful types, so don’t be afraid to let your children help you. Teach them how to write an appreciation message on their thank you card.

2. Make a Gratitude List

Creating a gratitude list is a fun family activity that can nurture a sense of thankfulness in your children. Sit down with your kids and invite them to help you come up with a list of things that you are grateful for. You may be surprised at how many ideas your kids come up with. Use personal stationery to make the list more interesting, and let the kids decorate it with custom stickers, markers or crayons. Post the finished list on the refrigerator or any location where it will be seen on a regular basis.

3. Donate

Donating old toys and clothing is a great way to reinforce your child’s gratitude for the things he or she has. Be sure to let your child help pick out the items so that he or she is fully invested in the process and experiences the benefits of directly helping less fortunate children.

These simple ideas for fostering gratitude will help your child recognize the beauty of life and develop thankfulness for everything he or she has. Plus, doing these things with your children will help you develop a greater sense of gratitude as well.