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Yellow Postage Stamps

What customers have to say about our Personalized Postage Stamps

April 17, 2018


"Stamps were better than I expected!"

April 3, 2018

Great design

"I can't believe stamps are up to $0.50 now! But these look great, and other than the postage being a bit of a surprise, the price was right. Very cool product."

March 25, 2018

Stamp stands out

"Love the monogram stripe. It adds to the photo on my stamp."

March 10, 2018

love them

"The process was simple to create my own postage stamps for invitation, rsvp envelopes and thank yous."

January 3, 2018

I will be ordering more and more of these

"This was the most commented product from my Christmas cards. Love being able to personalized my postage!!"

Brighten Up Your Correspondence with a Yellow Postage Stamp

Today's technology makes it easy to reach out to people via email or text message. However, there are certain types of news and life events that merit the added effort of written correspondence and sending it out through traditional mail. Examples include news of your engagement or graduation, invitations to birthday parties or baptisms, or sending a thank you card out after your wedding. Such messages are for the most important people in your life. As such, why not add a little extra touch to show those people how much they mean to you?

Tradition and decorum dictate how you should format messages such as announcements, invitations and thank you cards. That format should extend outside the envelope to the stamps you use to send them. Adding a customized postage stamp to the outside of your correspondence signifies the importance of the information that your letters contain.

Here at Shutterfly, we offer several different designs and templates to create your own functional postage stamps. You can announce your upcoming graduation with a stamp featuring a picture of you in your cap and gown. Or, what better way to share the light that your new baby has brought into your life than with a yellow postage stamp (or any other color from our custom palette) attached to his or her birth announcement?

Why Pay Extra Attention to Your Stamps?

If you're trying to stick to a budget when creating your correspondence, it's easy to look at added expenses like stamps and view them as an opportunity to save money by sticking to standard options. Yet, remember there's nothing standard about the news you're sharing. Adding a little extra touch with a custom stamp not only shows the importance you assign to your message, but also the value you place on your recipients feeling the same way about it.

To some, a letter may be a letter and nothing else. But when viewed as being an opportunity to include those closest to you in the most important moments of your life, your perspective regarding such correspondence is sure to change. The next time you've got big news to share through the mail, accentuate your message with custom yellow postage stamps that help convey the high regard you hold for your family and friends. Let us here at Shutterfly help you with that.