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What customers have to say about our All Petite Papier Designs

June 20, 2013

I love me some Shutterfly

"I've used shutterfly to personalize several holiday's to my liking! From Father's day with an adorable mug for my husband while he was deployed with pictures of him and his newborn son, to cards for mother's day, father's day, Easter and more, to an awesome photo book in place of a card for Father's day this year! I also love getting the special promotions in emails and in delivery packages! I make sure to look for good deals around special holidays to make cards for family members. It's custom to send a card for birthdays, mother's and father's day, ect. but why send a generic card from the store when you can send a card full of pictures you know that special person will love! And if you keep you're eye open for the coupons and deals you'll be paying the same price, if not less, than the generic cards at the grocery store but getting a card personalized with photos and love!"

August 8, 2013

Best way ever to send a thank you

"I made thank you cards using a few photos of my toddler son, to send as thank you notes when various relatives and family friends give him a toy or gift. The cards are such a hit. So much more meaningful to have this personalized card than a store bought thank you card, and for about the same price or less than the store bought card. The quality of the cards and pictures are great. As my son grows up, I'm sure I will continue to design and buy personalized thank you cards like these. Such a special and meaningful way to thank someone for their generosity."

May 17, 2013

Mother's Day

"They did a wonderful job on my mother's day card to my older sister!!!! However on my Mother's Day card to my stepmom there was a print error, yet they did correct it, she was sent a total of 3 cards, I only paid for the one. It's a little annoying, but they did get it right! This is the only problem I have had with Shutterfly since I have been a member, which has been years, so not bad at all!! Love Em!!!"

May 9, 2013

Great Card!

"I was very pleased with the results, as I am with everything that I order from shutterfly. Great job!"

April 17, 2013

Awesome cards

"I have ordered many cards through Shutterfly and I'm always amazed at their great quality. It's better than buying a pre-made card at the store, as the quality is better and it's personalized. I would highly recommend any cards!"

About All Petite Papier Designs

Petite Papier cards combine elegance and sophistication with classic design elements. Beautiful typography and simple but gorgeous illustration make Petite Papier designer stationery cards a favorite for all occasions. You might also like: Letterspace designs, Fontaine Maury designs, Petit Tresor designs, Whitney English designs and Dabney Lee designs.