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Pink Christmas Cards

What customers have to say about our Christmas Cards

April 21, 2018

simple yet elegant

"these custom, personalized cards are a total hit for birthday parties and other events. Usually people toss away cards after the event but i've seen people keep these because i made them with their pictures on it. they are so easy to make and it brings back so many memories when you see special pictures on each card. the price is reasonable also. cards cost anywhere from 0.50-6 for a fancy card. these are personalized and you can't beat that."

April 20, 2018

We loved it!

"My husband and I ordered these for our Christmas photo this past December. We loved them! They were cute and stylish. I loved the personal saying on it too! I would purchase again!"

April 15, 2018

Beautiful Glitter cards!

"Top quality, as usual!"

April 14, 2018

Can't wait for Xmas to send this card🌲

"This card has a great layout! We had several pictures which fit the layout perfectly! I can't wait To send them out!"

April 13, 2018

Excellent quality

"Excellent quality, would buy again"

Pink Christmas Cards

The Christmas tree is often the focal point of Christmas gatherings and celebrations. Whether it will be seen by co-workers, just your immediate family or half the neighborhood, make sure that it is an enjoyable sight to behold. To help you in your decorating endeavors, there are a few things that you should consider.

Color Scheme

Before you begin decorating your tree, take some time to decide what color scheme you would like to go for. You can pick one main color and add “pops” of other colors within the color scheme, select different shades of a specific color, or go with a general color scheme. This can help you to narrow down your selection if you have a variety of ornaments so that your tree does not become overcrowded.

Sentimental Ornaments

You may have some ornaments that are very precious to you. Especially if a child or loved one made them or gave them to you with specific intentions, the ornaments may have a permanent place on your tree. Such ornaments add a genuine, personal touch and can also create a talking point. You may also choose to make special mementos into ornaments, such as a beautiful, personalized gift, like one of these pink Christmas cards. If it does not already provide a means for you to hang it, you can easily make it into an ornament by gluing a ribbon to it or creating a hole and tying a string through.


Hanging an heirloom is a great way to remember and honor loved ones at Christmas time. When you hang the glass ornament, it could be a great time to share the history behind the heirloom with others. Since this is an irreplaceable piece, make sure that it is safely secured to your tree.

In general, you should strive to make your tree aesthetically pleasing yet personal. Considering the aforementioned aspects and incorporating your own personal touches can help to ensure that your tree is a hit.