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Pink Thank You Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

May 20, 2018


"Thank you cards came out beautiful. Our granddaughter can be proud sending them out."

May 20, 2018

Awesome card

"I made the prettiest card from my sunflower photos. It is better than any pre made card you can buy in the store. I make all my own cards now."

May 20, 2018

Yes I would buy it again

"It was nice"

May 19, 2018

Great company and service!

"I send my notecards to family and friends and even sell a few."

May 19, 2018

Beautiful high quality cards and envelopes

"I love using the artwork Shutterfly provides also, this time I did and these cards came out so beautiful, perfect for all uses. Have already used 3 of them and everyone receiving them have been extremely impressed."

Pink Thank You Cards

After a graduation, birthday party, baby shower or wedding, many people choose to compose and send out personalized thank-you cards as a way to show their appreciation for the gifts that were received. Shutterfly has thousands of options for you to choose from including patterned and pink thank you cards. Most of the products can be personalized with photos and special phrases. To make it even easier to send out these letters, you can get customized stamps and address labels too.

No matter why you are sending out a thank you, etiquette may dictate that you try to give a prompt response. Because of this potential time restraint, some gift receivers feel that, after a certain amount of time has passed, they no longer are obligated to send out a card.

Is It Too Late to Send a Thank You?

According to many thank-you etiquette experts, it is never too late to send out these personalized notes. The preferred time frame may vary based on the occasion. For example, after a wedding you have about a month, but after a birthday party a week may be more appropriate. Whether you are a few days, a month or a year late on your writing, you should still pick up the pen and finish your thank you cards.

When you do send out belated thanks, you may need to follow a few extra steps. For example, you may be tempted to apologize for sending a late card. Instead, you should focus on the recipient rather than yourself. Talk about the gift he or she gave and the use you have put it to since the gift was given. It is okay to include a brief apology, but this correspondence is meant to be appreciative rather than apologetic.

Most people realize that life can get in the way of sending out perfectly timed pink thank you cards. Because of this understanding, you should strive to send out your cards no matter how late they may be.