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Square Thank You Cards

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What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

August 8, 2013

Best way ever to send a thank you

"I made thank you cards using a few photos of my toddler son, to send as thank you notes when various relatives and family friends give him a toy or gift. The cards are such a hit. So much more meaningful to have this personalized card than a store bought thank you card, and for about the same price or less than the store bought card. The quality of the cards and pictures are great. As my son grows up, I'm sure I will continue to design and buy personalized thank you cards like these. Such a special and meaningful way to thank someone for their generosity."

April 29, 2013

Shutterfly team, you've outdone yourselves!

"Having enjoyed several Shutterfly photo books received as gifts from my son, I couldn't resist trying to create them myself. The ease of creation and the wonderful results got me hooked on Shutterfly. I've created six books so far, and I have the intention of scanning in all our photos and creating photo books to showcase them all. Just when I thought this photo creativity couldn't get any better, I decided to try my hand at greeting cards. My wife and I recently retired to the west coast and wanted some all-purpose cards to use for note cards and thank you cards. The quality of the cards I received has surpassed my expectation by a mile. They are incredible. I went with matte finish which I prefer. The cards are coated in what seems to be a plastic protective layer which will likely make these cards keepers. They're nice enough to frame. Even with the shipping cost, the cards are cost effective to give as one-off personalized birthday cards. I'll never use a store bought card again."

May 23, 2015


"I used these for thank you cards for friends who attended my sons birthday. They looked great!"

December 6, 2012

How much did this cost you?

"I decided to make a Christmas card that was also an invitation for my holiday party. The outside reflected a wonderful Christmas picture which can be used as your everyday Christmas card but I utilized the inside as a surprising invite. I received several calls asking who designed the card. Being proud of my work, I proclaimed "I" did .. with Shutterfly. I informed hem of the website and encouraged them to try it out first hand..."

November 7, 2012


"Card looks great - arrived in no time at all - Will NEVER buy store bought cards again - always making my own - Thank you Shutterfly!!"

Picking the Right Thank You Cards

When you want to say thank you to someone in just the right way, then custom rectangular or square thank you cards are the way to go. When you design your own card, you're not just letting the other person know how much you appreciate them but also letting them know they're worth a little extra effort. If you aren't sure what kind of thank you card to send, here are a few ideas.

Funny Cards for Close Friends

Someone's who been in your life for a very long time is bound to share a variety of inside jokes with you. These are perfect for including in a thank you card as an extra way to make the recipient smile. Think about any funny moments from the following activities.

  • First day of school
  • When you met
  • An epic night out

Spiritual Cards for Parents and Grandparents

Spiritual doesn't have to mean specifically Christian, there are many soothing and inspirational messages from a variety of cultures. These are wonderful for parents and grandparents because it can sometimes be so hard to come up with words that feel sufficient to thank them for all they've done in your life. Add a personal photograph to give the card an extra touch of love.

Go Simple When You Can't Decide

If there are too many options, you can always opt for elegant and simple square thank you cards. You can still make some simple choices, such as color and layout, but you don't need to go overboard if it will stress you out. Just the act of thanking someone can be enough.

Saying thank you is a wonderful human tradition that crosses generations and cultures. Square thank you cards and other shapes and sizes are easy to customize with our online tools. Be sure to look at some envelopes and personalized address labels, too.

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Because they deserve it. Give them a personalized thank you card to express your gratitude.
Because they deserve it. Give them a personalized thank you card to express your gratitude.
Because they deserve it. Give them a personalized thank you card to express your gratitude.