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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Response Cards

Celebrate Your Child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah with Custom Response Cards

Welcome your son or daughter to the full-fledged Jewish community with a celebration. Invite your loved ones to participate in this monumental day with personalized bar or bat mitzvah invitations and response cards. Shutterfly has everything you need to celebrate this symbolic day with love and joy.

Designing Your Personalized Cards

Shutterfly makes it easier than ever to let your friends and family know about your son or daughter’s big day. With over 45 different personalized bat or bar mitzvah invitation options, it’s easy to capture the spirit of your son or daughter when you invite your loved ones to share in their big day. Make sure you include the day, time and location of your party.

Don’t forget the response cards. It’s much easier to plan a party if you know who is coming. Choose from more than 20 response card options to invite your relatives to the bar or bat mitzvah. Choose a design with classic colors and symbols, or one that captures the essence of your son or daughter. Your cards can include the postage for easy mail back to you or an email or phone number for your guests to digitally RSVP.

Shutterfly makes designing your cards an easy and enjoyable process. They are printed on high-quality cardstock. Shutterfly lets you customize the font, colors and messaging for bat or bar mitzvah response cards that you will love.

Give Your Special One a Custom Gift to Commemorate the Big Day

Shutterfly has the perfect gifts to help celebrate this big day for your son or daughter. Turn your favorite memories of them growing up into a one-of-a-kind fleece blanket. Shutterfly makes it super simple to upload all of your favorite images and turn them into something that will make your son or daughter know how special they are to you. A custom canvas tote bag will help them carry their belongings between school, sports and synagogue. Plan ahead and create custom thank you stationery, so they can thank everyone who celebrates their bar or bat mitzvah with them.

No matter what special occasion, holiday or just because reason that you have for creating custom stationery, Shutterfly is here to help you design pieces that are as unique as you. Help you son or daughter celebrate their bar or bat mitzvah with personalized response cards from Shutterfly.

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