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Silver Thank You Cards

What customers have to say about our Thank You Cards

April 24, 2018

So many complements

"I bought this card for a high school graduation announcement. I had so many people call and tell me how lovely the announcement looked, others wanted to copy it!! I am 99 times out of 100 impressed with Shutterfly and they continue to impress me! This is a great quality and classic cardstock!"

April 24, 2018

So cute!!

"Turned out very nice, was very pleased"

April 24, 2018

Looks great

"Live Shutterfly and the cards always look great"

April 23, 2018

Thinking of my son in the US Army

"I sent this card with pictures to my son in the Army. He loved it! I wanted to let him know his family was always thinking about him and this was the perfect card to do just that! The pearl finish gave it a nice touch!"

April 23, 2018

Great thank you cards!

"We always travel and every time we stayed in a friends house or received a nice present instead of a pain thank you card we give one of our Shutterfly cards with a small souvenir of our town. It is a nice touch and they can use it as a card."

Write Wedding Thank You Cards Easily

Your wedding was an amazing event enjoyed by all and now it's time to write the thank you cards. You can choose cards which fit the theme of your wedding or use some simple, elegant silver thank you cards. Whichever you use, you can save yourself time with these little tips.

Don't Rush

Everyone expects that you won't be writing thank you notes while on your honeymoon, so you do have some time before these cards will be expected. Taking your time means you have the opportunity to write something personal to each person.

Double Check Your Lists

You'll have the guest book and any other list for gifts which, hopefully, your bridal party put together. Check the two lists together and see if someone who came is missing a gift entry. Take some time to verify whether or not there was a gift. You should still send a card at least thanking them for attending.

Write Some Rough Drafts

To avoid redoing multiple cards, you can use a computer document to write up some rough drafts. This will also help get your creative juices flowing to write nice, personal messages to your friends and family. If you're struggling to write personal messages for everyone, then the rough draft stage is also a good time to come up with a few variations on a formal thank you.

Make it a Joint Effort

Most projects go quicker when two people do them instead of one. You and your spouse can divide the list and both write notes, or you can divide the tasks so that one person is handling the address labels and stamps while another writes.

Thanking your guests and bridal party after your wedding is a definite must for proper etiquette. With some planning and maybe a little help, you can get your cards out in a timely manner to show how much you appreciate everyone's help and involvement in your special day. Whether you choose gold or silver thank you cards, you can further customize them online with photos and decorations.