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Custom Color Wedding Invitations

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What customers have to say about our Wedding Invitations

May 18, 2018


"So beautiful! Thank you!"

May 17, 2018


"The colors I picked were lovely and they shipped quite quickly, For the price it was well worth it!"

May 17, 2018

Absolutely beautiful

"I ordered these invitations for my wedding and the declivered product exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely beautiful and match my wedding colors perfectly!"

May 16, 2018

Loved it!

"Loved everything about what we ordered for our wedding invitations. Only thing that was disappointing was the limitations on where the text could be placed."

May 16, 2018

I loved my invitations!!

"The invitations came bigger than I thought it was which was a good surprise. The photos looks amazing and the material is excellent! Also we got a 48% discount on the day we ordered!! Amazing!"

Custom Color Wedding Invitations

All couples are unique; their cards and other wedding accessories should be too. At Shutterfly you will find that we let people customize many different aspects of wedding invitations, including photographs, colors and the shape of the edge of the card. Custom wedding invitations are just one of the many ways we help you add all the right touches to your nuptials, making the bridal shower, ceremony and reception events you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Follow the Fabulous Font Trends

Unique fonts and hand-lettering are so hot right now! Calligraphy is a traditional art that is currently experiencing a resurgence in stationary, on social media, in art and in many other areas. We stay up to date with this lovely trend by offering many custom wedding invitations with lovely lettering. Paired with customizable font colors, design elements and edge cuttings, these beautiful fonts signal that you are a trend-conscious and fashion-forward bride.

Our Fabulous Floral Wedding Invitation is a great example of a slightly whimsical, just-formal-enough cursive font. The slightly uneven curves and the mix of thick and thin lines are very visually appealing and look stunning when paired with a classic serif font for the body of the invitation.

Our Darling Border Wedding Invitation is great for the couple that wants to customize all aspects of the invitation and include the hand-lettered font style. Start by choosing a stunning background picture (perhaps one from your engagement?), then select a font color and a color for the border of the invitation. You’ll love the mixture of a simple, unadorned font and a curly, cursive one, both of which possess a charming hand-drawn feel.

How to Add Another Personal Touch

Continue to add personal touches to your nuptials with custom wedding invitations and all of the other customizable products that Shutterfly offers. Try Shutterfly for bridal shower invitations, thank you cards and gifts for the wedding party. The personal touch in all of these items shows that you care about the wedding guests and about making the wedding day as special as possible.