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Flat Wedding Thank You Cards

What customers have to say about our Wedding Thank You Cards

November 12, 2018

This is my go-to card source for making my own cards!

"I have used Shutterfly's option of uploading my own design for years now, for every occasion, and I've made dozens of cards this way. It is consistently good, with nice choices for size, layout, and cardstock. My one suggestion: this option of doing your own design isn't featured clearly right now in the choice options under all the different kinds of cards for various occasions, and I think it would be much easier to find if it were featured more obviously. Right now, I wouldn't know where to look for it if I wanted to do it without ever having done it before because it's buried in the various options (if you go to holiday cards, for instance). It should be featured as its own option because I imagine there are lots of people like me who, for some occasions, want to make their own cards and don't want the pre-set designs."

November 11, 2018

Beautiful, exactly what I wanted

"I got these as thank yous for my sons first birthday. I didn't realie they were going to have a matte finish but that didn't matter. The pictures were great and there was room to write on the back where I was able to put more pictures for no extra cost! My only complaint is that it says shutterfly right in the center bottom of the card. I understand branding but it could have been at the bottom corner, just not in the middle."

November 10, 2018

Love this on the Pearl cardstock


November 7, 2018

Always happy with shutterfly and their fine service.

"Proud to send this card to others, appreciate the print and quality of card stock"

November 7, 2018

These worked out great!

"Use my own painting to create these cards for a friend. They turned out great and my friend loved them!"

Offer Your Own Personal Thanks

You should share all of life’s precious moments with those whom you love. What moment is more precious than your wedding day? While your special someone will, of course, be there beside you, there is no doubt a laundry list of others whose care and influence has helped to get you to where you are today. Not only will those people be there to celebrate your union, but they’ll also help you and your fiancée jump-start your new life together with gifts that every newlywed couple needs. Expressing your gratitude with a well-thought-out flat wedding thank you card is the least you can do.

What To Include on Your Cards

As your loved ones put forth effort into getting to your wedding and bringing you a gift, so too should you dedicate equal attention to thanking them. That requires more than a general thank you note with the same message repeated on each that you send. However, you may not have time to compose a long letter to each recipient. Find a happy medium by writing a short paragraph, stating each recipient’s name and thanking him or her for the individual gift. Short on ideas of what to write? Check out our blog on how to write a thank you card to get some needed inspiration. Top off your personalization by sending out your thank you cards with personalized address labels or elegant-looking self-inking stamps.

Let Shutterfly Help You Express Your Gratitude

Whatever message you choose to include on your cards, let Shutterfly provide you with the medium. We offer both folded and flat wedding thank you cards in a variety of different patterns and templates created by some of the most renowned designers in the business. Want to add an extra-personal touch? Download a photo from your wedding and use it as the background image on all your cards.

Putting added time and thought into creating a personalized and heartfelt expression of gratitude will reaffirm your love and appreciation for those who attended your wedding. Trust the tools available through Shutterfly to help you send such a message.

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Because they deserve it. Give them a personalized thank you card to express your gratitude.
Because they deserve it. Give them a personalized thank you card to express your gratitude.
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