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Round Edge Wedding Invitations

What customers have to say about our Wedding Invitations

January 16, 2018

Great Quality... Perfect design for my wedding!

"This design immediately caught my eye when I was browsing the website for wedding invitations. In fact, I designed my entire wedding decor around this invite because I loved the style so much! I have gotten many compliments on the wording and our first names being so big and bold! This high-quality product exceeded my expectations. I was a bit concerned that it might look or feel "cheap" but it certainly DID NOT! I also ordered the smaller 3x5 cards that matched to use for additional wedding details!"

January 15, 2018

Beautiful product

"Couldn't have asked for a better wedding invitation!"

January 13, 2018

Love these invitations!!!

"I had a 5 free sample wedding invitations coupon and this is one of the five I picked. I am in love!"

January 13, 2018

Very pretty design!

"Pretty and romantic"

January 12, 2018

I like the weight of the cardstock

"I like the weight of the cardstock"

Find Fun and Balance With the Right Wedding Invitations

Your special day should be about you, and that means making sure every element of every step in your wedding plans should reflect either who you and your significant other are as individuals, or else who you are becoming as a couple. For some people, that means tradition, austerity, and the kind of attention to detail that communicates their dedication to an ongoing lineage they take seriously. For others, it means creating an open, inviting space where friends and family can come together to feel the warmth of each other’s company. Between those two extremes lies a whole spectrum of presentation opportunities, and there are other choices beyond them. The key is to find a way to plan your nuptials that really captures who you are. 

Shape and Color as Methods of Communication 

It’s easy to remember how individual symbols like doves, the traditional bride and groom imagery, or rice and bouquets communicate certain moods and priorities. What can be more difficult for a lot of people is coming to understand how making a choice like round edge wedding invitations over square cornered ones also communicates mood and style. Sharper, more defined corners and boundaries make for a more formal and traditional look, whereas rounded edges make your invitation look informal and, frankly, inviting, the same way that a well-rounded picture frame helps to draw in viewers and aids in the presentation of a portrait photograph. 

Selecting Styles and Shapes to Fit 

This means that looking at round-edged designs means looking at fun, sometimes flamboyant designs, and making choices that reflect that spirit. It doesn’t have to mean bright and sunny colors, but often they do go together. What it does, though, is it invites play, so that even more muted color choices or black-and-white presentations come off as being about celebration and fellowship. That way, you bring out the best in your wedding invitation’s design by picking a shape that fits it beautifully.

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Send guests a wedding invitation that perfectly expresses your style. All you need are the details of your big day.
Send guests a wedding invitation that perfectly expresses your style. All you need are the details of your big day.
Send guests a wedding invitation that perfectly expresses your style. All you need are the details of your big day.