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Upload and Print How-tos

Design Specs & Templates


Upload and Print How-tos

Design Specs & Templates


Upload and Print How-tos

Design Specs & Templates


Upload and Print How-tos

Design Specs & Templates




Upload and Print How-tos

1. Create an account/sign in

1. Visit and set up a free Shutterfly account or

2. Login to your Shutterfly account

2. Add/upload images into your account

1. Select "My Pictures" tab

2. Click "Upload" button in the upper left corner of the
    screen and follow instructions to upload images from
    computer into online album

Add/Upload Images into your Account


• First consult the Design Specs and Templates page
  for exact sizing of pages, covers, and spine

• Templates are available for download as guides

• Images should be in .jpg format

• Recommended image size is 300dpi/RGB color
  mode (note: turn off VividPics®)

Turn off VividPics®
VividPics® is Shutterfly software that enhances digital photos.

Turn off VividPics®

1. Once you have uploaded your pages into a Shutterfly album, turn off VividPics®.

2. Select all the images for your photo gifts from your album.

3. Under the Edit Menu, choose "Apply Effect."

4. Check "Don’t apply automatic corrections to picture" and click "Apply this effect to selected pictures."

5. Select "Yes," when asked if you are sure you want to apply this effect to the current set of pictures.

Turn off Easy Crop
EasyCrop is Shutterfly software that auto-crops and adds undesired bleed when printing for digital scrapbooking.

Turn off Easy Crop

1. To turn off EasyCrop select an image for your book in your album

2. Under the Edit Menu, choose "Crop."

3. Click on "Custom crop tool". The crop guides should be extended all the way to the edge of your page.

4. Repeat for all the images you plan to import into your book.

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3. Select Photo Book Size

1. From My Shutterfly, select "Photo Books" from
    "My Projects."

2. Select All New Custom Path.

3. Select your desired photo book size.
    Please note: At this time, the "Change Book Size"
    feature does not work with digital scrapbook layouts.

4. Select "Everyday" and the Digiscrap Style.
    You may need to scroll down to find the Digiscrap Style.

Select Photo Book Size

5. Select "Select this Style" to begin.


• Available in following sizes: 12×12, 8×11, 8×8, 7×9, and 5×7.

• Specs for each book size are different.

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4. Get images

1. When you first start your photo book, you will be
    prompted to select pictures to include in your photo book.
    Choose pictures from your computer, Shutterfly pictures,
    Share Sites and Facebook.

2. If you want to add more pictures to your photo book,
    go to the "Pictures" tab in the filmstrip thumbnail below the
    photo book layout and select "Add pictures" to use in your
    photo book.

Add Pictures

3. Select desired .jpg images (by the entire album or
    selected images).

4. Select "Add to photo book" (images will appear in the
    filmstrip thumbnail below the layout.

• For optimal results, it is critical to upload images
   into an album using the specs provided.

• Images may appear cropped in the filmstrip
   thumbnails; this is NOT representative of the
   final product. Use preview mode to get an
   accurate rendering of the final printed product.

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5. Drag and drop images into product

1. For each page you are editing, you must change
    the layout to full-bleed. Go to the "Layouts" tab on the
    left side of the screen and look for the full-bleed option.
    To make all layouts in your book full-bleed, select
    "Apply to other pages..." under the Pages dropdown
    in the top nav.

2. Drag and drop images from the filmstrip into each page of the
    Digital Scrapbook.

Drag and Drop Images into Pages


• Photo books require a minimum of 20 pages.

• Pre–designed layouts are also available with
   individual photos and text boxes.

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6. Drag and Drop Images into Cover and Spine

1. Change the cover layout to full bleed. Go to the
    "Layouts" tab on the left side of the screen and look
    for the full bleed option.

2. Drag and drop images from the filmstrip into cover and spine.

Drag and Drop Images into Cover and Spine


• Cover and spine specs differ by photo book size and style.

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7. Preview

1. Click "Preview" from the tabs on top to review your
    completed Digital Scrapbook.


• Please check each page thoroughly before placing your order.

• Changes (adjustments in positioning etc.) should be made to
    the original    image, re–uploaded into album, and then into
    your project (steps 2, 4–7).

• Remember to preview again

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8. Order

1. Click "Order" to order your completed Digital Scrapbook.

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