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Black Wood Wall Art

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What customers have to say about our Wood Wall Art

January 16, 2019

Looked great, very happy.

"Very happy"

January 10, 2019

Loved it!

"Bought this for my daughter and her family after they lost their fur baby. They absolutely loved it and brought them so much joy."

January 10, 2019

Perfect product!

"Product was better than expected and looks great!!"

December 25, 2018

Better than I expected!

"Great color saturation for a print on wood."

December 15, 2018


"After seeing your Pais Vacation Wood Wall Art, I knew it would be the perfect medium to memorialize our trip through Portugal and Spain. When it finally arrived it far exceeded my expectations! The color of the photos transferred beautifully onto the high quality wood--accomplishing all that I had hoped for. Job well done, Shutterfly!"

Discover the Potential of Customized Wood Wall Art

You’ve likely become accustomed to the fact that pictures can be printed on almost anything these days, but wood? The thought of wood décor may have you stuck imagining the inside of your family’s cabin up at the lake. While you may appreciate such design elements there, do wood prints really belong in your home?

Not Just for Use in Log Cabins Anymore

The trouble with this line of thinking is it sells wood short. Given the extent to which wood can be crafted, it should come as little surprise that pictures printed on it can be made to resemble any modern design style while still offering that one-of-a-kind grainy texture you always associate with wood. A black wood wall art picture may be the ultimate décor piece if you’re looking for the right mix of hometown comfort and uptown class for an urban apartment.

Take Your Wall Quotes to Whole New Level

The wooden décor pieces most associate with non-rustic design schemes are wooden wall hangings displaying famous quotes and sayings. Shutterfly takes these to next level, combining clever wordplay with crystal-clear imagery. What better way to display your favorite quote than having it set against a backdrop of your family or favorite vista?

Adorn Your Walls with Wooden Wall Galleries

Yet why stop at simple wall hangings? With the image printing potential Shutterfly offers, you can create an entire wall gallery consisting of wooden prints of all sizes and color schemes that fit into any design motif. You could also blend a mix of hangings, prints, and other keepsakes to create a whimsical themed wall in your home.

There’s Always Room for Rustic Wooden Wall Decor

For all the modern design applications wood décor may have, however, you’ll never truly lose that log cabin-loving feeling whenever you see such a design piece. Yet that’s a good thing. With rustic design elements seemingly always finding their way into a home’s decorating scheme, your wooden wall print will serve as the perfect complement to your farm-style table or patterned drapes.

Wood offers so much more than the comfy, cozy, rustic feeling you associate with it. In the hands of craftsmen like those at Shutterfly, its potential can be unlocked to show the wide range design styles it offers.

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