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Custom Mugs and Drinkware

Keep your favorite memories and inspirational quotes front and center as you enjoy a favorite beverage at home or while on the go with our custom mugs and drinkware collection. Shutterfly offers a broad range of designs for mugs and other types of drinkware that you can customize to suit your personality and style, making them an ideal gift to give yourself or a loved one.

Savor Every Sip with the Perfect Mug

If you love your morning coffee or tea – or know someone who does – then you’ll want to browse our collection of ceramic mugs, latte mugs, stainless steel mugs and travel mugs. Perfect for hot drinks, our ceramic mugs are available in both 11-ounce and 15-ounce sizes, while our latte mugs hold a generous 25 ounces. For those always on the go, our travel mugs hold 17 ounces and feature an easy-grip handle and a tapered base that fits most cup holders, as well as insulation to keep your drink hot or cold. Stainless steel mugs are another great option for anyone who likes to sip during their commute, while running errands or on a walk. They hold 20 ounces and are made with double-walled stainless steel to keep your beverage insulated.

Stay Hydrated with Custom Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles are ideal for making sure you always have water with you wherever you go–and help remind you to drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated. You’ll find styles with and without straws, as well as kids’ water bottles. Custom water bottles that are both good-looking and functional feel like a necessity in our modern world. Finding the right one to match your own personal taste depends on what you’re looking for amidst a riot of colors, shapes, and features. Shutterfly has you covered with a wide selection. 

Sip From Your Drinkware in Style

For drinks like wine, a favorite mixed beverage, homemade lemonade or sweet tea, we have a variety of drinkware options to choose from. Wine lovers will savor every sip when drinking out of our custom stemless wine glasses, while our beautifully etched mason jars with handles are ideal for a variety of beverages.

Designing Custom Mugs & Drinkware

Personalize your item of choice by choosing from our color, font size and font style options, adding a name, quote or custom message and, depending on the item you’re personalizing, uploading one or more photos. Our custom mug and drinkware collection allows you to design thoughtful, stylish, practical gifts that a variety of people will enjoy. They’re fun and easy to personalize, enabling you to create a truly unique gift that can be used daily.