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What customers have to say about our Mounted Wall Art

January 26, 2019

Awesome product

"The pictures I chose were placed perfectly with Shutterfly's help and it turned out awesome."

January 25, 2019

So happy with it!

"Turned out just as I was hoping."

January 22, 2019

I loved my wall art and my hardback book of our vacation.

"I bought the book as a Christmas present for my son and fiance. I am using the wall art in my classroom."

January 21, 2019

Beautiful Print

"Loved this mounted picture. Clear print, hangs nicely."

January 21, 2019

Gallery of 4

"Great quality"

Outstanding Custom Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Every time you snap a picture, the thought of where you might want to display that image in your home inevitably comes to mind. The problem is many believe there is no place for personal pictures in a trendy home décor scheme. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that for years, your only display options for your photos were to confine them in standard, store-bought frames that offered little in terms of customization. Those days are long gone, thanks to Shutterfly.

Free Your Family Photos

Your family photos are often confined to your front room, only to be seen by those visitors special enough to get the front room treatment. Few would ever consider displaying them in the living room, the area designed to be the artistic epicenter of your home, until now. The many style and design options offered by Shutterfly allow you to convert simple photographs into framed artistic masterpieces worthy of any living room wall. You can take a single picture and give it an artistic treatment, or a collection of photographs and turn them into a breathtaking collage. You can also make your own collage by incorporating pictures from a wide range of colors, sizes and styles and create a custom photo wall.

Create Stunning Photo Spreads

Another design idea whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years is the photo spread, or a series of distinct canvas prints that form a single image. These are terrific display options for wide-angle action shots or panoramic vistas. Shutterfly’s technology allows you to create standard three-piece photo spreads or even more unique six- to eight-piece images using your own pictures.

Need Ideas?

The wall décor ideas don’t stop there. Shutterfly offers a vast ideas section that offers advice on how to incorporate your custom 16x16 wall art pieces (as well as images of other sizes) into the design schemes of almost any room in your home, all the way from your living room to your kids’ bedrooms.

Your pictures were never meant to spend an eternity as tiny bits of data kept on your cell phone or PC. It’s time you let Shutterfly help you free them from their digital prisons and take their rightful places on the walls of your home.

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