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24x36 Wall Art

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What customers have to say about our Mounted Wall Art

October 12, 2018

Love how this wall art came out, will be buying more!

"I purchased the mounted wall art not knowing exactly what to expect. I was very happy with what I recieved. In case anyone is wondering, the photos are printed on a hard surface approximately a quarter of an inch thick. It also has an additional half-inch wide piece that is attached to the back, which provides slots to hang the picture by. It is very light weight but sturdy. The colors came out out as expected and the picture was very clear. It's an awesome way to display your photos."

August 28, 2018

Beautifully done

"We had a personal photo taken on a point-and-shoot camera enlarged to 24" x 36" and mounted in a frame. We could not be more pleased with the quality of the print, the mounting, and the framing. Using coupon codes didn't hurt either! :) Thanks Shutterfly, we'll be back for more!"

August 28, 2018

I plan to order another one!

"This will be a gift for a family member"

August 26, 2018

My Canine Pal

"My faithful companion of 13 1/2 years passed away. He was my canine buddy, my best friend. I sent in a photo and had him memorialized in a picture that now hangs on the wall of my summer home.....he and my pug (my other best bud) sitting together at the end of the dock, the lake behind them. That is how I want to remember him, happy and healthy. Now I can look at his happy face all the time. Thank you Shutterfly. Rebecca"

August 26, 2018

Love the Framed Photograph

"I'm lucky enough to be doing fieldwork that involves wading through wetlands. This pictures long been my favorite wetland inspection I've made. I finally have had the print framed and I'm in love with it. I have it hanging on the wall in my homeoffice where every time I glance at it I take a deep breath and imagine being there in the middle of nature. I've had smaller prints and cups also made a favorite vacation spots for my wife, who enjoy seeing them and reminding her of the good times we've had."

Turn Your Photos into Centerpieces for Any Room

Are you looking for a statement piece for your great room or den? You might find just what you need among your photos. When combined with family photographs, breathtaking scenes or standout graphics, photo prints offer personalized art pieces that everyone can admire.

Add Some Drama

Shutterfly offers a wealth of possibilities in layouts that range from one-piece masterpieces to multi-photo collages. Imagine your family photos displayed as 24” x 36” metal prints that can hang above the fireplace, or in the living room, entry or another focal point. They are almost guaranteed to bring a smile every time you see them.

If you want to infuse a room with drama, consider a favorite scene spread over three separate panels. Larger pieces can be focal points for a room and 16” x 20” wall art stand out in any gallery collection. Add a favorite quote or saying for maximum impact.

Add Some Dimension

Canvas is a lightweight and stylish medium that makes family photos look like works of art. With wrapped corners and a little depth, canvas prints offer a dimensional aspect. Colorful shots of bustling cities or quiet rural areas also make great art pieces and add a little variety to your collection. Leave them unframed to add interest, or give them an elegant frame for a touch of class. They look great either way.

Add Some Glimmer

Metal offers another, more modern style with high-definition clarity in a glossy or matte finish. Metal prints also have a unique feature that can add sparkle and shine to your pictures. Choose a white basecoat for full-color photos, or a silver basecoat that glimmers softly through your muted photographs.

Shutterfly treats your memories like we do our own: with care. We’ll store them free and in full resolution while you work on your project so they’re ready whenever you want to use them.

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