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White Wood Wall Art

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What customers have to say about our Wood Wall Art

January 16, 2019

Looked great, very happy.

"Very happy"

January 10, 2019

Loved it!

"Bought this for my daughter and her family after they lost their fur baby. They absolutely loved it and brought them so much joy."

January 10, 2019

Perfect product!

"Product was better than expected and looks great!!"

December 25, 2018

Better than I expected!

"Great color saturation for a print on wood."

December 15, 2018


"After seeing your Pais Vacation Wood Wall Art, I knew it would be the perfect medium to memorialize our trip through Portugal and Spain. When it finally arrived it far exceeded my expectations! The color of the photos transferred beautifully onto the high quality wood--accomplishing all that I had hoped for. Job well done, Shutterfly!"

White Wood Wall Art Takes Decor Beyond the Ordinary

You want your home to be unique, so why not start with your wall decor? Wood wall art is a one-of-a-kind option for displaying your most prized and meaningful photos. Images are placed directly on wood, and the wood grain shows through the photos. White wood wall art has no artificial white—instead, the light wood grain shows through for a truly sophisticated look.

Wood Wall Art Complements Many Decor Styles

Whether you like decorating your home in shabby chic, country, or rustic styles, wood wall art decor is sure to complement your style. This look accentuates the canvas just as much as the image, and both work together to create a beautiful piece of art. Place them next to distressed wood furniture, classic wood pieces, or even metal furniture.

For placement ideas, check out Shutterfly’s gallery wall ideas. The examples provide inspiration for creating and hanging your own signature pieces, whether you choose to use personal photos, an image from Shutterfly’s art library, or a customized written item like a family seal.

Customize Your Wood Wall Art With Inspirational Quotes

While Shutterfly offers many customizable prints that already have unique and meaningful sayings, you can also choose to create a piece with your own saying. Just choose the option to upload your own design, or choose a piece with text you can alter. There are so many inspirational quotes to pick from when creating personalized white wood wall art.

Some quotes are so prevalent yet meaningful that they lack a direct source. Others come from very specific motivational individuals, such as philosophers, musicians, tech gurus, and writers. When deciding on an inspirational quote, choose one that has special meaning to you, or to the person you’re gifting it to.

Wood art is extremely pleasing, and Shutterfly makes sure the final product is professional and of high quality. You won't be disappointed with this thoroughly tailored item.

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