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Phone Ring Holders

Phone Ring Holders

Phone ring holders are extremely practical and useful items, making them excellent, one-of-a-kind gifts to give to yourself and to loved ones, including kids, spouses, friends, colleagues, parents and anyone else – especially those who are prone to dropping their phones.

Securely mounting to the back of your smartphone, our phone ring holders enable you to have a secure, safe grip on your device and will help prevent it from slipping and dropping - and avoiding potential damage - whenever you’re using your phone, whether you’re making a call, checking social media, sending an email or doing something else. Simply place your finger in the ring and you’ll be able to use your phone effortlessly, knowing it’s safely in place.

Not only do phone ring holders give you a secure grip on your phone, but they also give you more control when taking photos, selfies and videos. And they work well as a stand, providing a convenient, hands-free way to watch your favorite videos and movies, listen to music, read eBooks and blogs or use recipes.

Design Unique Phone Ring Holders

Shutterfly offers a great selection of metal magnetic custom phone ring holder designs. With our variety of designs and customization options, you’ll be able to design one that suits your style and shows off your personality!

Choose a fun pattern or graphic that really speaks to you and, once you’ve found your favorite design, you’ll be able to quickly and easily personalize it using our online customization tools. Choose from our vast array of colors, upload a favorite photo and add a custom message or name. It’s as easy as that!

Great Party Favors

If you’re hosting an event, whether a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary celebration or another special occasion, our phone ring holders make fantastic party favors that are guaranteed to be appreciated by everyone. You can bet that these won’t be thrown away right after your party - which is, unfortunately, where many favors end up! Instead, everyone will love how useful they are and think of you and your special celebration every time they use their phones.

Additional Personalized Phone Accessories

Check out our other stylish and practical personalized phone accessories. We carry iPhone cases, Samsung Galaxy Phone Cases and phone card holders, all of which can be customized and make great gifts to give along with of our phone ring holders.