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Pet Food Containers

Pet Food Containers

Keeping pet food out of the way is a challenge that many dog and cat owners face. Our galvanized metal pet food containers keep your favorite pet’s dry food and treats fresh, clean, safe and healthy. By storing dry pet food in these containers, you’re ensuring your pet is getting a fresh meal while simultaneously keeping your home clean and free of pet food clutter.

Not only are these containers convenient and practical, but they’re a stylish way to store your pet’s food. Shutterfly offers a range of fun and functional design options that will add to the décor of your kitchen or pantry and complement your home.

Mealtime for your pet will no longer be a hassle but will become easy and efficient when you use one or more of our pet containers to store your pet’s food.

Design Custom Pet Food Containers

As with all of Shutterfly’s products, you can add your own personal touch to these containers by using our customized design options to reflect your pet’s personality and match your home’s style.

Shutterfly’s personalized pet food containers are available in two sizes:

  1. Small pet food containers measure 10" H x 7" D, holding up to 1 gallon (8.75 pounds)
  2. Large pet food containers measure 14" H x 10.5" D, holding up to 2 gallons (17 pounds)

Browse our unique designs and choose your favorite or upload your own pre-made one-of-a-kind design. Then, select your size and get busy customizing it to suit your style and your pet’s personality. Choose from our great array of colors, available in our Custom Color Palette, upload your photos and/or add a fun quote or fun saying. Some examples we love include:

  • “Ruff Day, Time for a Treat”
  • “Live, Love, Woof”
  • “Property of (insert pet’s name), Paws Off”
  • “Never Met a Treat I Didn’t Like”

If you are designing a pet container with photos, you’ll find the process of uploading your photos extremely simple. Upload one photo to be the focal point of your container’s design or up to eight to create a fun collage of favorite photos of your pet.

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