Custom Magnets Made With Your Favorite Photos

Custom fridge magnets are a great way to brighten up your kitchen. With a custom magnet from Shutterfly, you can also get creative and use it in multiple places, including your office and car. It’s easy to make a custom magnet showcasing your favorite memories. More exciting than a picture or print, photo magnets let you show off graduations, weddings, family Christmas photos, and much more. Custom magnets make great photo gifts for any occasion. From housewarming parties to promotional gifts, your recipient will feel appreciated when you make your own magnets just for them. Get creative and add unique messages to refrigerator magnets as well to give as gifts to family and friends. 

Personalized Magnets For Home and Office

While the refrigerator magnets are always classic, there are plenty of other places to show off photo magnets. You can use custom magnets as unique office wall art to create an inspired workspace. If you’re an educator, personalized magnets with pictures can stick to whiteboards and filing cabinets to show off classic art or students’ work. Whiteboards and filing cabinets are also opportunities for magnets in an office in addition to metal desk frames, metal shelving, and even the communal fridge if your coworkers are supportive. Personalized magnets are also a great gift idea for friends who work from home. Take your loved ones and your favorite memories with you to work with custom magnets. 

How to Create Custom Photo Magnets

Select from our wide variety of custom photo magnets to fit any space or aesthetic you need. Along with magnets with photos, you can create a calendar magnet that lets you see a quick glance of each month. Looking for other creative ideas for personalized magnets? When you're wedding planning, you can create save the date magnets and wedding magnets that are more special than classic cardstock. You can easily create magnets for kids too that showcase their drawings and art. They’ll love seeing their creations in magnet form, and you can keep the small magnets for years to come without worrying about them fading. When you make a custom magnet, just choose your size and design before uploading and arranging your photos. Shutterfly’s online magnet maker will let you include captions and short text if you’d like to include a name, date, or quote. 

Picture Magnets Make Great Gifts

Don’t worry about where to buy magnets anymore. With Shutterfly, you can create picture magnets for every occasion as special gifts. The custom magnets can stick to so many different surfaces that you know your friends and family will be able to find a place for your gift. Shutterfly’s personalized magnets are high quality and appealingly priced, making them a go-to gifts for any occasion you want to commemorate. Whether you're shopping for a coworker who just got a promotion, your little one who loves to decorate the refrigerator, or for yourself, custom picture magnets are a fun and thoughtful way to get creative with all of your most treasured photos. They make great home decor items, as well as fun Father's Day gifts or even kids gifts.