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Black Pet Bowls

What customers have to say about our Pet Bowls

November 13, 2018

cat food bowl

"Loved the bowl. It was tiny enough that my cat went to eat in it right away. I realized the other bowls I had been feeding her with were too big. Thank you!!!!!!!! Janice"

August 30, 2018


"Bought two of these and they are so nice! The quality is exceptional and I love how they turned out. Another great product from Shutterfly!"

August 22, 2018

Shiny and Solid Standout

"I love the look and feel of this bowl. It is great quality ceramic. The finish is sleek and my graphics look beautiful. We are using it as a prize at an animal shelter event paired with a pet place mat. Everyone is impressed with how nice it looks."

March 28, 2018

I have been talking about this for weeks

"This bowl is awesome. I got the larger size and boy did I get big! I was surprised how big it came! Usually personalized items are too big. Anyways, I am very happy with the design, color and especially the quality!"

March 13, 2018

Great item

"It was perfect size for my pet."

Get Your Dog a New Black Pet Bowl

It doesn't take much to want to make your dog happy. Your best friend is always there for you, so you do everything you can to return the favor. This time around, you're getting them a black dog bowl personalized for them. 

It's not like these little guys know exactly how much thought you put into it, but they can understand that your thoughts and feelings for them are pure and strong. You take the time to get gifts for your friends just because, so do the same for your dog. Here's to a long, happy pet-human relationship together!

Black Dog Bowl with Your Pet's Name

Whether you picked a traditional name like Fido or your pet is named after some obscure character you love or an inside joke, all dog names look great when they're on the side of a customized pet bowl. Your dog does know his or her name, even if they don't exactly know how to read or write it (we're pretty sure, anyway), so why not get a bowl with their name? 

While you're at it, customize a cup or plate for yourself that features pictures of your pet, too. It's just another cute way to say, "I love you" to your pet.

Pet Bowls for All Your Pets

Your pack will let you know if one bowl has too much food in it or if you forgot someone's water. Pack order is a significant thing for your dogs, so it's in everyone's interest for you -- because you're the alpha, even if you're as sweet as can be with them -- to make it clear whose bowl is whose. 

When you customize black pet bowls with different names, it makes it easier for you to help maintain the pack order. Fluffy's bowl says Fluffy, and Champ's bowl says Champ. That way, if Champ tries to move Fluffy's bowl over to his area or Fluffy sneaks a bite from Champ's bowl, you'll be able to tell. No shenanigans around your place when everyone's bowl has a name on it.

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