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Brown Luggage Tags

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What customers have to say about our Luggage Tags

May 19, 2018


"The pictures are on the magnets have such a beautiful vibrance and I can't be even happier they're metal and not a flimsy plastic."

May 19, 2018

I have 3 and love them

"I do think the S and H is a bit much"

May 19, 2018

Amazing Luggage Tags

"I have been ordering both sizes of these luggage tags for years now. We put them on our luggage and our backpacks. Now that we have three grandchildren, I have also ordered them for their school bags. They are absolutely awesome."

May 18, 2018


"I love it! My husband and I both want it, so I will definitely order more. Greastest keepsake from our vacation!! We love it and you will too. One word of advise, get the larger size we ordered the smaller and I regret we didn't get the larger but it's still awesome."

May 17, 2018

Great tags

"Great tags with the picture of my Westie on them. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February and now he will travel with me everywhere I go."

Get Creative with Brown Luggage Tags

Traveling is all about unleashing who you are in the world while taking in what it has to offer. Even when you're traveling for business, there's a reason your organization chose you for the job. Show the world who you are and what you're all about with brown luggage tags. These handy tags feature your name and contact information, but they're accented with images or phrases you select, too, for a totally unique way to get through airports, train stations, or down a long, winding road. Personalized travel accessories make life a little sweeter. May all your travels, far and wide, reflect what you bring to this journey. 

Luggage Tags Make Travel Easier

Imagine two scenarios in an airport. In one situation, you're waiting at the baggage carousel, and there's a big crowd where everyone is waiting for the same thing. You can feel the anticipation around you when the first bag comes down the conveyor belt, but by the second or third time around the carousel, people are starting to grumble or stand in your way, checking their phones out of boredom, while you peer over people's heads to see if that was really your bag. In the second instance, you see your suitcase a few feet before it gets to you because you've got a customized luggage tag with a smiling photo of your loved ones or a bold imprint of your name on it. That second scenario is why you need unique luggage tags. That way, every trip on your calendar is as smooth as can be. 

Match Luggage Tags with Your Other Personal Accessories

Another way to make traveling easier is to match up all your accessories. If you select brown luggage tags, you can also get yourself a brown dopp kit or customized blankets for the plane or in your room. Use the same images you use for your luggage tags to customize your iPhone case or your iPad cover. That way, if you're in a rush to make a meeting at a business hotel or just want to check out as leisurely as possible on a well-deserved vacay, everything you need is easy to spot and grab.