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Drawstring Bag

Discover Style and Convenience with a Personalized Drawstring Bag

You can never have too many bags. After all, it seems like every hour of every day requires the use of one bag or another. Whether you’re grocery shopping, doing laundry, organizing toys, packing for a trip or any number of other tasks and activities, you need a good bag for the job. With personalized drawstring bags from Shutterfly, we have you covered. Versatile, durable and one-of-a-kind, drawstring bags bring convenience and style to your everyday life.

For Any Occasion

Our customizable drawstring bags are the perfect answer to your everyday needs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish storage solution for kids’ toys, a convenient travel bag for road trips, a better way to carry clothes to the laundromat or a chic bag for just about any other reason, you’ve found the one for the job.

Looking for an excuse to personalize your own drawstring bag? You could use it to store your yarn collection, outgrown baby clothes, pet toys, Christmas gifts before they’re wrapped, smaller bags or purses and out-of-season items such as swimsuits or winter accessories. These bags also make excellent gifts for the holidays or other occasions, due to their versatility and style.

Personalized Style

Creating your own unique drawstring bag is simple. Get started by browsing our range of designs to find your favorite, from nautical stripes to photo collages to elegant monograms and whimsical quotes. If you’re feeling creative, upload your own design to create something one-of-a-kind. Once you’ve made your decision, personalize your selection with names, photos, favorite colors, stylish fonts and more. It’s easy to create a custom-made bag that’s truly yours.

Available in medium (20x24”) and extra-large (29x48”) sizes to suit your needs, these durable bags are made of a high-quality, machine-washable poly/cotton blend.

More Custom Gifts

Once you’ve created a personalized drawstring bag for yourself or a loved one, discover our other custom gifts for any occasion, from latte mugs to wine glasses to tote bags. For a drawstring bag made specifically with the holidays in mind, check out our festive Santa sacks.