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Memory Games

What customers have to say about our Memory Games

January 17, 2019

Great for sharing Family History!

"These matching "memory" cards are a good quality, and a good size. I also liked having some choice over the design of the "back side". It took quite a while to set up (load and label the photos), but I liked being able to choose the ribbon design to type in the name of the ancestor whose photo was on the card. I plan to use them with our grandchildren at a family reunion coming up to help them become familiar with the names and faces of some of their ancestors. I got two sets of 12 pairs -- one set for each of 2 family lines."

January 15, 2019

Fun game

"It was so easy to drop pictures in the templates to make these cards for the game. I bought this for my granddaughter to match animals or family pictures. I received this in about a week!"

January 14, 2019

Memory Games are great for all ages!

"I have made quite a few of these. One was of all the young cousins, so they could play and remember their cousins who live far away, another was for my mother of all her grandchildren so she could play a solitaire game of her grandchildren, another was for my young grand-nephew of all the places he has visited, and the last one if for my son and his fiancée of different places they have visited. It a great conversation starter and a way to remember all their great adventures."

January 12, 2019

Very sturdy my great grandkids will love them.

"Very pretty will last for years"

January 7, 2019

Game Night Favorite

"Sturdy game with vivid pictures. One of our favorite games to play during family game night!"