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3x5 Magnets

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What customers have to say about our Magnets

January 27, 2019

Mini Magnet

"One of the better items. The magnets always come out great!"

January 27, 2019

Great way to remember

"I have bought these and other magnets each time a grandchild was born. Great way to commemorate a special occasion in your family. Formatting the magnet is easy and fun. Good quality gift for family & friends at a good price. Customer service was very helpful when I needed to order more than the ordering template allowed."

January 27, 2019

Love it

"It can be put almost anywhere."

January 27, 2019

Perfect for Instagram photos!

"I got a bunch of my favorite photos printed on these to use at my office. They magnetize to my metal desk frame. They look more organized and stay nicer than a paper photo and I dont need frames. So cute!!"

January 27, 2019

Love these magnets!

"I'm very happy with the quality of these magnets. I bought them to get my young grandchildren for Valentine's Day. They have photos of various family members so the kids can remember everyone better while they stick the magnets on the refrigerator or just hold them and look at them."

Adding a Personalized Touch to Your Home

Shutterfly's 3x5 magnets add a personal touch to any magnetic space around your home. These magnets are practical additions to your space, helping you hang important papers, invitations, or favorite photos on dry erase boards, refrigerators, and filing cabinets. At the same time, these magnets serve as a decorative accent because they can be personalized with a favorite picture. So, whether you're using them for function, style, or a little bit of both, you're sure to find plenty of uses for 3x5 magnets around the house.

Using Your 3x5 Magnets

Invitations, announcements, and your youngster's handmade masterpieces all deserve a prominent spot in your home. Rather than letting these papers pile up on countertops and desks, mount them to magnetic surfaces using these 3x5 magnets. You'll clear away the clutter and carefully display these important items around the house.

3x5 magnets also make thoughtful gifts. When you personalize them with your favorite photo, they send a cheerful greeting to grandparents, cousins, and other loved ones. Engaged couples can even use these magnets as practical save the date magnets that display an engagement photo and wedding date. If you're looking for a personalized gift for a family member or friend, consider creating a magnet that he or she will love.

Designing Photo Magnets

Creating 3x5 photo magnets is a simple process that gives you complete control of customization. Your biggest decision when creating this magnet is choosing a photo that's worthy of constant display on your refrigerator. Once you've settled on your photo, select your layout. You can display the magnet horizontally or vertically and with or without a border. You can also select from an array of backgrounds, including many solid hues, to frame your photo. Then, add any relevant text, such as your names, a cheerful greeting, or a special date, to the magnet. Your personalized magnet will be ready to be hung in your home or the home of your lucky recipient.

Delivering a Personalized Touch

Shutterfly's design tools put the creation of 3x5 magnets in your hands. You select the photo, background, layout, and text to create a one-of-a-kind magnet. Whether you're displaying it in your home or giving it as a gift, this magnet is sure to add function and style. Find the perfect photo worthy of a magnet and start designing a 3x5 magnet today, or check out other magnet styles.

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