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Modern Placemats

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What customers have to say about our Placemats

January 23, 2019

So fun to see our memories as we enjoy a meal!

"I enjoyed making them with our Christmas memories from this year and it's great to keep enjoying our memories as we eat at the table! I LOVE pictures!!! Just be careful if you use your phone that all of your pictures download. I did have a problem with one but, it got fixed."

January 23, 2019


"Love this placemat that I made to use for my grandchild at the table - used lots of pics of her and the family. The only problem was that it was slightly bent when it arrived. Still usable."

January 23, 2019

I really like my placemat!

"It's very well made, durable, color is spot on! I get a lot of compliments."

January 23, 2019

My daughter loved this!


January 22, 2019

Loved it

"Nice placemat, print quality is great!"

Make Mealtime More Enjoyable With Modern Placemats

When you are ready to start changing around the look of your kitchen or dining room, it’s essential to make design choices that reflect you and your family’s life, personality and interests. This way, instead of a stark space for eating, you and your family can enjoy a welcoming and nurturing environment each time you sit down for family meals and special occasions.

One way you can get both chic style and personalized family moments in one product is to create your own modern placemats with Shutterfly. Our placemats combine modern style elements with your own custom photo creations and give everyone at the table something fresh and meaningful to think about.

Motivate Little Ones During Meals

Don’t forget the little ones in your family when you’re making style choices for your eating space. Of course, it’s unrealistic to consider redesigning your entire home with your toddler’s décor tastes in mind. Instead, you can add a few tiny touches throughout your home to keep the smallest people in your home happy. You can start at the dining room table with a custom placemat that includes photos of all of your toddler’s favorite family members.

Add to Your Space’s Style

Another way to take advantage of Shutterfly’s unique personalization process with our white placemats is to come up with a design that will please everyone in your family. If you’re ready to spruce up your eating space for spring, try thinking about some of the color trends for this year and including them into your placemat’s look. Then, add a few photos of your family experiencing special moments to make it even more personal to your home and life.

Create Something for Special Occasions

Creating your own personalized black and white placemats can also be great if you need something different for a special occasion. If you’re planning to celebrate a milestone birthday, a new baby or retirement, a placemat in your dining room can mark the occasion for many years to come.