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Heart Paper Weight

What customers have to say about our Paperweights

January 15, 2019

I will buy this product again.

"I bought it for my sister & brother in law when they had to put their dog down. They loved it!"

January 10, 2019

Would buy this product again.

"I purchased this gift for my new daughter-in-law. The product was exactly what I expected from Shutterfly. Also, I loved the box it came in."

January 4, 2019

Excellent buy!

"Purchased the heart shaped paper weight and was thrilled. I thought it would be smaller than it was. It actually brought family members to tears. Yes, I would buy another and another. A beautiful gift."

December 28, 2018


"So happy with how this came out! Makes a wonderful gift!"

December 28, 2018

Cute item for someone special.

"I gave this paper weight to my dog walker with a picture of my pups. She loved it."

Gift Giving Is Easy with a Heart Paper Weight

Even if you don't exactly have a ton of papers anymore -- hello, digital -- a heart paper weight can be the perfect gift to share with someone special. Paperweights were initially a favorite gift because of their functionality. Nothing is blowing away with these substantial weights on them. They developed into a creative gift that let people display their artistic side, too, though, with all types of glass shapes and interesting effects. 

Now, they've evolved into keepsakes that are appropriate for almost any occasion. Just pick the one that suits your gift recipient best and prepare to wrap it with decorative papers, holiday gift tags or stickers, and other doodads to let them know how special they are to you. 

Making Your Paper Weight Personal

Even though decorative paperweights have been all the rage for awhile now, you can still make yours as personal as can be. You're the artist when it comes to your heart paper weight. Pick a beautiful photo to embellish with a message etched into the heart over it, like a candid pic of you with a beloved pet or maybe a wedding picture. 

If you want to make it even more customized, you can select a heart paper weight that already has a new message or a creative border included. Then, all you have to do is add your name and deliver it with a cute card. 

Starting A New Collection with Paperweights

You might already know someone who has a paper weight collection. It was a favorite hobby, especially since the layered depth and dimension of them lends a real interior-decorator look to your home or home office. Now is a perfect time to start another one or add to one that might be in need of some refreshing. 

It's so simple to pick a new picture every few months when an occasion arises and send a paperweight to someone you love. You can start your collection, too, by commemorating special moments to display on a shelf in your home. Eventually, you'll have a sequence of beautiful hearts to admire, each a memento of a particular time in your life.