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Heart Pet Tag

What customers have to say about our Pet Tags

January 26, 2019

Very nice

"I added a key ring to attach tag to the collar. Perfect. We ordered one for our 2nd pet"

January 25, 2019

Loved it !

"Loved it Shutterfly always does a good job !"

January 23, 2019

I love seeing my cat's tag!

"I love all products that I have gotten from Shutterfly. I usually get deals on them, because otherwise they are expensive. However, the app has good sales and perks. Customer service, when used, was very helpful, so I feel confident that if I had an issue again, they'd help. This is my cat's second tag, and his first on is on my keys!"

January 22, 2019

A Hit!!!

"My niece loved the picture of her Corgi, Franklin. I told her I keep my on my key chain.. My sister loved her's too.."

January 22, 2019

Great buy!

"Really nice quality dog tag!"

Print Personalized Pet Tags With Photos

Did you know you can print your heart-shaped pet tags with Shutterfly? You do now! Get your pet's collar ready because there are amazing pet tags that Shutterfly will lovingly cut into a heart shape for your best friend to wear. Honor your pet's unique personality with a pet tag that boasts a pattern or design. Shutterfly features a selection of templates that'll suit your furry friend. There's also the option to print the whole tag with a photo of your buddy, while the back side can feature an image of you!

How to Call Home if They Get Lost

Pet tags in the shape of a heart express your love to your pet and the world. If your pet happens to wander off, be sure that whoever winds up rescuing them will know they're loved, they have a home and how to call you. Add a photo and a phone number to your tag. Photo heart pet tags come in very handy in emergencies, and phone numbers are simply essential. Shutterfly also offers the option of adding wording or address information, ensuring you've done everything you can to protect your pet in case of emergency.

Monogrammed Pet Heart Tags for Style

As you peruse the template options in Shutterfly's design studio, watch for little rainbow icons below the listings. It is an indicator that the template features a customizable color palette. One of these options is the monogrammed or Disney pet heart tag. With proud initials printed on their tag, your pet will look chic and well cared-for.

The backside of Shutterfly monogrammed heart-shaped pet tags can also be customized, so be sure to include all of the important details. Engage with the design studio, playing around with different options to customize your design to your liking. A beautiful pet deserves a beautiful tag. Adorn your gorgeous sidekick with a pretty tag that flaunts an artsy look. A decorative tag will properly honor your pet's style and beauty while keeping him or her armed with important contact info. Choose from a few lovely templates in Shutterfly's design studio to accomplish this.

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