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Pewter Ornaments

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What customers have to say about our Ornaments

April 14, 2018

These photo ornaments are keepsakes filled with memories!

"Forty years ago when I was in college, I purchased an ornament at a campus activity. I put it on my tree every year with fond memories. I have made several of these photo ornaments for my family and for my daughter to give her friends at college because I know the joy it will bring them for years to come. They are beautiful and high quality. They make wonderful gifts and are always received with smiles and awe."

April 12, 2018

Can't wait to make more!

"Made an ornament commemorating our 3rd Disney New Year's Cruise! I loved the way it turned out and can't wait to add it to the tree. Making our adult children one too for their trees someday soon."

April 8, 2018


"Bought this as an engagement gift for my sister - she loved it!"

April 7, 2018

I would by this again

"Christmas tree"

April 7, 2018


"Timely shipping. Excellent attention to detail and placement of the hole for hanging. Quality materials. Always awesomeness from Shutterfly ~ count on it."

Color the Holidays Your Way

At Shutterfly, we know silver and gold decorations are a common metallic theme for the holidays, so if you want to stand out, try something different like pewter. Unlike silver, pewter is a grey color without too much shine and creates a wonderfully subdued look. Our pewter ornaments have a matte finish that goes well with any color. Here are some tips to use this great metallic tone.

How to Pair Pewter

Pewter makes red really pop because it will not need to compete with other bright colors like green and blue. When you add white snowflake ornaments to the mix, then your red accents and decorations can really shine.

When you pair pewter ornaments with dark blue, you create a cold, winter atmosphere. This can be a great way to beat the heat if you live in a warm area that doesn't experience snow during the holidays. Use some personalized blue candles to stick with the chilly winter theme.

Green goes great with everything, and it is a good thing since your holiday tree will most likely be green. Using pewter ornaments and decorations on your deep evergreen centerpiece can highlight the natural aspect of bringing a tree into your home. This holds true even if you have chosen a synthetic tree due to allergies or other reasons.

Pewter even matches with non-traditional colors. Get a white or frosted tree and deck it out with pewter, lavender and pink to create a bubbly look that pairs well with a cocktail party. Serve your holiday favorites in some personalized glassware to make the season even merrier.

To create a dark and cozy atmosphere, we recommend using burgundy and orange with your pewter ornaments. A dark holiday atmosphere has a classic feel which you can bring out more by using sienna or black-and-white photographs.

Great Gift Pairings

Some gift ideas that use the metallic theme to great effect include jewelry, flasks and pet tags. Look through our attention-getting stocking stuffers for even more ideas. Get these gifts when you need them with our multiple shipping options. Choose to receive everything in one bulk package or as individual ones at no extra cost.

Get Ready for the Holidays

Start customizing your holiday look today. We at Shutterfly enjoy offering multiple color options to suit any theme. Choose pewter ornaments in a variety of shapes, including oval, snowflake and square. Take the season one step further by matching your decor with your gifts by getting customized gift wrapping paper.