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Purple Journals

What customers have to say about our Journals

May 20, 2018

So happy!

"I am so impressed with the journal! It has high quality book cover and pages. Better than I was expecting!"

May 20, 2018

100% guaranteed

"I use Shutterfly 3 to 4 times a year. Very happy with the products!"

May 18, 2018

Loved it!!!

"Created a personalized journal for my mother for Mother's Day with pictures of my grandmother on it and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The pictures on the front and back were clear and the personalized writing was easily visible. So glad I was able to make such a memorable and beautiful gift!"

May 13, 2018

Good quality

"I bought this as a mother's day present so I didn't open the plastic wrap it came in. But I was pleased with how well the pictures and writing turned out on the cover."

May 11, 2018

Gallery of Six Journal for Friend

"This turned out beautiful. Loved the fact I could put my friend's name on the spine of the journal. She loved it and my pictures on the front and back. She has liver cancer and cancer near heart. Thought she could use this to journal during her day long chemo treatments. My friends that were all together to give her gifts loved it and asked a lot of questions about Shutterfly. I volunteered to help one of them do some picture books. I love Shutterfly, never disappointed."

Journals That Are Truly Personal

Collecting one’s thoughts in a journal has been popular for over a hundred years since the early industrial revolution brought about the sharp rise in literacy that defined modern life as we know it. During that time, people have kept journals to store their reflections and thoughts for posterity and sometimes just for the love of the act of writing. Whatever the reason, journaling has become a personal act, where one is able to reflect and center oneself. When you are looking for a journal that is really personal, Shutterfly has a variety of customizable options to choose from.

Add Your Message

Whether you are ordering for yourself or you are picking a personal journal as a gift for a friend, choose the design and color you like, and then use our customization interface to add photos, names, or even a personal message to the journal you choose. With easily sortable filters for colors, blue, red, pink, and purple journals are easy to pick out, allowing you to see the diverse the selection for each of your favorite colors. Once you are set, it’s easy to send your order to the shopping cart and keep browsing.

Shutterfly’s selection lets you pick a few journal options and customize them to make gifting easier. You can also use our tools to give them unique titles and topics. It’s easy to sort your thoughts when you can customize the cover of your own notebook.

Other Great Gift Ideas

We also host a great selection of customizable purple notebooks, so it’s easy to find an all-purpose field pad to pair up with a journal. Other great gifts that work well with custom journals include office toys and tools, including customizable paperweights, phone cases, and even notepads. You can put together a personalized office collection easily. There’s no better way to show someone who loves to write that you are supporting them, even if that person is yourself.